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How to Put Your Event Program Together

An Event Program is an excellent accompaniment to any medium or large gathering. Conventions, conferences, and other big meetings can truly benefit from the organizational benefits of a convenient booklet distributed with the registration kit. Answer every question in advance and spend a lot less time answering the same question over and over.

What should you print when you print your Event Program? Here are some general suggestions:

  • Cover Art: Use your organization’s logo, along with the name of the event. Or, create a college of photographs from past events. Another option is to employ artwork created by a group member, or, if you are a child-oriented organization, a young person.
  • Welcome from the President: Ask the president, or another high-profile member to write a short welcoming message. They should greet attendees, outline the highlights of the festivities, and thank those who made the event possible.
  • History and Mission Statement: You may like to provide a short essay about your organization: where you come from, what you do. You can update members on the years’ happenings or discuss your goals for the future.
  • Map of the Venue: For a larger space, an easy-to-read diagram that clearly shows how to find panels, dining areas, vendor halls, and other event-related spaces keeps everyone from getting lost. You may even choose to include multiple maps, for instance, one of the entire venue, and one that shows who occupies each both on the convention floor.
  • Schedule of Events: A simple grid, with time on the y axis and place on the x axis allows your guests to arrange their schedules without difficulty. They can tell at a glance when and where they should be. A second, text-based schedule, can provide more space for details about each panel or event.
  • Biographies: For big names or folks with important ideas, a section containing a head shot and a one paragraph biography or statement is a great way to honor important people or concepts.
  • Dedications and Special Thanks: Be certain to include a special shout-out to volunteers and others who have put in hard work to make this event a reality. Thank them by name and explain how they have gone above and beyond for the sake of the event.
  • Contact information: Make sure to add important phone numbers, email addresses, or URLs.
  • Ad Space: Don’t pay for your Event Book! Sell some ad space in the back to local merchants or group members. Providing useful coupons helps your guests and your sponsors.

Begin gathering details well in advance and organizing them. You may very well think of more information, unique to your group, that should be included. Or, you may wish to look to the future and collect contact information at the event, so as to print a directory to be sent to members afterward. You could also print a supplemental souvenir, comprised of photographs and statements taken at the event, which would arrive in the mail a few weeks after the conference, keeping your group and its mission at the forefront of your members’ minds.

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