Raffle of the Week: Torie’s European Vacation


Torie’s European Vacation Helps Fund An Overseas Trip

Tons of people love April 1 for the ability to play pranks, but April 1st wasn’t the only reason to have fun if you were participating in Torie’s European Vacation raffle. The participants were all gunning for a grand prize of a Visa gift card worth $100. But the biggest winner was Torie herself—the raffle was helping fund her trip overseas.

“The raffle was for my granddaughter’s upcoming trip to Europe,” said Connie Davies. “She is going as a US ambassador to four different countries. The cost of the trip was very high, so the agreement with her was her parents would pay for half of her trip, she had to do fundraising or the other half.”

Torie's European Vacation

Torie isn’t the only person who has turned to raffles to raise money for an important overseas trip. Because the cost of traveling around the world is costly, many people often turn to a type of crowdsourcing initiative to raise the funds necessary for their trip. ACIS, the leader in educational travel for middle and high school students and their teachers, suggests holding raffles to help pay for trips. “Sell as many tickets as you can at school or at local fairs and events,” states the site, also saying that keeping ticket prices low will convince more people to participate in the raffle.

It would seem that Torie did everything right when it came to her raffle. The ticket prices were affordable and she managed to sell tickets to tons of people. “We got the word out by giving packets of tickets to almost everyone we know for them to sell,” said Davies. “We also went door to door selling tickets.”

All of the hard work paid off and Torie was able to meet not only her raffle goal, but she was also one step closer to going abroad. “It was awesome,” said Davies in relation to the raffle. “She sold almost all of her tickets and was able to raise a good bit of money for her trip.”

If you’re planning on creating a raffle to help you with funds for a trip or project, ACIS has a lot of great tips. Of course, as stated above, keeping prices low and selling tickets to large crowds will help you have a successful raffle, but also make sure that the prizes are interesting and unique. “Ask the creative people in your family if they would donate something homemade (paintings, artwork, quilts, knitted items, pottery, woodwork, fancy cakes or pastries) or offer your services (rake leaves, paint, mow lawns, do housework, wash cars, babysit,” states the site.

Are you raising funds with a raffle? Discuss your raffle plans below in the comments section.


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