Voices Carry: Make Some Noise!


Make a Statement with Stickers

Stickers, especially bumper stickers, are well known for their ability to encapsulate a big statement in a small space. From promoting political candidates with quirky campaign slogans to displaying the name of a beloved band to announcing to everyone on the freeway that your child is an honor student and you really do love cats, bumper stickers provide a powerful and effective outlet for expression for people and causes of all kinds.

Make it Political

If you’re a candidate with a grass roots campaign, low on funds but high on hope, vinyl stickers might be just the promotional material you’re looking for. Whether you choose larger format bumper stickers for constituents to sport on their cars or smaller ones for windows and bikes and public spaces, promotional stickers are the kind of collateral that will get you seen.

Printed with your name and slogan, stickers allow potential voters to proudly sport their choice for candidate and win you the kind of exposure that you might only get from more expensive media like billboards and print ads. And, while these forms of advertising can’t talk, your constituents can. They can use your bumper stickers as a starting point for conversations with friends, neighbors and colleagues about the values and ideals you share in common.

Vinyl stickers are inexpensive, waterproof and fade resistant. They’re durable! They’ll keep rolling down the road long after you’ve won your election, reminding folks of your success.

Make it about a Cause

Maybe you’re not running for office, but you do have a cause you care about. There’s a proposition on the ballot to raise more funds for school or police. You’ve thrown yourself behind plans for a municipal dog park planned for your neighborhood. You want to change legislation to make it easier for you and your neighbors to compost. Well get the word out!

Start with custom printed stickers to give some real visibility to your cause. You’re staff may be small and your advertising budget even smaller, but economy stickers provide a low cost opportunity to share word of your cause with the world.

Printed in a variety of sizes, these stickers can be customized with your logo, information and slogan. Send them out with physical mailer to folks interested in your cause. Hand them out at the local farmers market, sporting event or any place you know like minded folks will gather.

Well designed stickers are a nice take away for individuals who show interest in your cause. If it looks good and carries your “brand,” folks won’t soon forget what you’re campaigning for.

Long lasting vinyl stickers will carry your message for a long time, on bikes, notebooks, skateboard decks, laptops, car bumpers, and any other place they can be mobile and visible. Encourage your stakeholders to make it mobile and put the word out on the streets with your branded stickers.

Imagine launching a successful campaign for your beloved cause and seeing word of it all over town!

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