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Custom Stickers Promote Your Club’s Brand and Its Bands

It was a great night! The show was sold out, and I could tell the crowd was really into it. The club had a nice mix of diehard fans, who mouthed the words to the songs as the band belted out its tunes, and newcomers brought along by friends who couldn’t stop talking about the venue: good atmosphere, good music, cheap drinks. It was the kind of night where the energy surrounding the event was real. It was the kind of night that lands us in the black. And, as a promoter, I want every night to be that way.

How do I make that happen? I work hard to ensure guests really do enjoy themselves, so they develop some loyalty to the place. If they feel like they have a stake in it and its success, they’ll keep coming back. Lately, I’ve been printing custom stickers for the club and for the bands that come through.  Event stickers are a nice take-away for patrons who might not want to shell out the cash for a T-shirt or CD. Give them a free vinyl sticker with our club logo on it, and they’re more than happy to take it.

The great thing about this tactic is that it’s easy. Promotional sticker provide a big benefit in a small package, and they are a fairly inexpensive part of an overall promotional strategy. The process only takes a few days from design to placing the order to receiving the stickers, so if I have to plan an event quickly, I know I can have them on hand.

Every once in a while, I see one of those custom printed stickers when I’m out running errands around town. I might be at a local coffee shop. I look up from my cup of Joe, and there’s a sticker with my club’s logo affixed to someone’s laptop or backpack.

About a month ago, I ordered custom bumper stickers. I’m starting to see them now on cars around town! Since that takes some commitment, I can only assume that folks think our club or its logo, at the very least, is awesome. I can’t help but think about all the free advertising we get as those bumper stickers roll through the city.

Along with printing custom stickers for the club, I have them made up for some of the bands that we book. It’s not expensive, and they appreciate it.  Since I’m already preparing promotional materials, I can easily use their logos, and have their own stickers created. They can hand these out to guests as their shows to help promote their music.

I plan on keeping custom stickers in my line up of proven promotional materials. In the future, I hope every night is as energetic, crowded and fun as this last one and that I see more of those vinyl stickers around town as time goes on.

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