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Bump up your Marketing Strategy with Bumper Stickers

Imagine you’re in line at the bank drive through or you’re sitting in traffic across town, and you see your band or business logo decorating the back of the bumper of the car in front of you.  Maybe you’re at the coffee shop, and you catch a glimpse of your logo stuck to the back of another customer’s notebook computer. While you didn’t buy a billboard or take out an expensive ad in a local paper, you’re getting great exposure because you designed and printed custom stickers for your cause.

Tiny Budget, Big Dreams?

Your band has been playing local bars for a while, and it’s got quite a following. You know your music is ready to take off, and you want to get word of your CD and tour out there. Since you and your band mates already spent most of your cash on gas and a little studio time, you decide on a guerilla marketing campaign: stickers!

Have vinyl bumper stickers and economy stickers printed with your band’s logo and website. They may be low cost, but stickers look professional. As an added bonus, fans love promotional stickers. Get ready to see them all over town and beyond.

Bigger Budget, Big Ideas!

Maybe you run a small business. You’ve done some traditional marketing, phone book entries, ads in the paper. You bought some billboard space in a highly visible public place. You even ran a few commercials on local television. You are starting to see your efforts pay off with more and more patrons visiting your shop or restaurant. Consider printing custom vinyl bumper stickers and sharing them with your loyal customers. Give your business even greater exposure when your business name and logo are rolling all over town.

Online Business? Reach out to the Customers You Never See!

When you run an online business, you may never see your customers. You have to work harder to win their loyalty by providing an easy to navigate, well designed website, excellent customer service, and fast shipping. When you don’t get a chance to see each of your patrons in person, consider providing them with custom stickers in your mailers and invoices. Whether you choose fun, eye catching bumper stickers, vinyl stickers or economy stickers, your customers won’t forget their  experience. Make sure to print your stickers with your company’s contact information. Your patrons will stick them in a visible place and will be able to reach you at any time.

Just for Fun!

Not only are custom printed stickers excellent promotional products, they are also fun. Colorful and fashionable, fans and customers  love stickers. Of course, you’ll print stickers with all the important information, but don’t forget, stickers can also be pieces of art that represent your cause.

Print your stickers with a variety attractive images and your patrons will have a wonderful time collecting them all.

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