Win! Win! Win! With Stickers!


Control Your Image with Stickers

You don’t just have a band: you have a brand. You don’t just sell a product; you also sell a lifestyle. Your cause or campaign isn’t only a cause or a campaign, it speaks to something morally fundamental within your constituents.  If you’re ready to win over your audience, you’ll need to go above and beyond. You need to gain their loyalty before they open their pocket books. Promotional stickers are a great place to start.

Become a Favorite

You want your brand to be foremost in the minds of your attendees, patrons and fans, so that when they look for the same product or service in the future, they return to you again and again. Whether you run a restaurant famous among locals, and you’re looking to expand, or you have a band that has been playing shows at all the neighborhood clubs, and you’re searching for more exposure, event collateral, especially stickers, can help you on your way to being seen.

The first step is to provide a beloved product or service. Build a strong and solid reputation, so individuals want to recommend you to others. Think about your brand and how you want to be represented. What kinds of patrons do you have? What’s the best way to reach them? Are you looking for more diversity among those you serve? How might you reach out to other groups?

Once you’ve identified a promotional strategy for your brand, choose collateral that will be the most effective. For promotions that rely on patrons to “get the word out,” promotional stickers are an excellent choice.

Say it with Flair!

You need to choose a message that will connect with your audience and deliver it in a package that is attractive to them. Will you choose to brand yourself as quirky and fun, professional and hard working, artistic and classy? Will you promote a signature product or service, such as your restaurant’s world famous pancakes? Or, will you be more holistic, perhaps touting your restaurant as the best breakfast joint around?

When you design and print custom stickers, you’ll have space to include your logo and the message you want to convey.  Whether you have bumper stickers or vinyl stickers of other sizes printed,  make sure your audience will connect with your design. Remember, you’re building a brand, not just promoting a product or service.

Win-Win Situation

Because stickers are a low-cost marketing solution, with high returns, you shouldn’t be shy about sharing them with your patrons or attendees. Vinyl stickers are  easy to design, inexpensive to print, make a great give-away, and they can end up in some highly visible places.

Bumper stickers can be found all over town gracing the back sides of your patron’s automobiles, and vinyl sticker of other sizes will find a home on your patrons backpacks, laptops, bikes, and more.  Your patrons become the vehicle for your message, so make it a strong one that they’ll want to share.

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