You Can Buy Happiness


The Thrill of Events, The Thrill of Event Wristbands

Lately, researchers are revisiting the science of happiness, with surprising results.  They’re learning, it’s not about the things we buy but the experiences we purchase. It turns out, happiness can be bought, if we spend our money in the right way.

Splurging on a new dress is ultimately less satisfying than putting the same cash down on a pair of theater tickets. A new MP3 player is nice for listening to your favorite band on, but can it really represent the same memories as the event wristband you received when you actually saw your favorite music group in concert?  You get the idea. It’s something to think about when you plan your next event.

Side with the Science

The economy may be in the doldrums, but if you’re in the event business, according to the research, you’re in a better position than your retail counterparts to give your audience members more satisfaction for their dollars. Take heart! With every ticket and Tyvek wristband you print and sell, you begin the process of creating something lasting. And each successful event is an investment in repeat business.

Give Them Something for Their Money

Not only are you planning and promoting an event, you’re selling experiences and memories to your attendees.

Human beings are nostalgic by nature. Your promotional materials can quickly become souvenirs, eliciting the good times had long after the show is over. Flyers and posters may grace your attendees’ wall. A ticket may find its way into a scrapbook. A custom wristband, worn for the duration of the event, may grace your guests’ arms in the days to come.

Make those Memories Last

When the show is over, and the venue is quiet, its lights dim, the band and crowd long gone, make sure the memories aren’t.

Quality, customized collateral can continue to do its job even after your super group has flown the coop.

Take Tyvek wristbands for instance. Manufactured by DuPontâ„¢, they’re flexible, durable, practical and decorative.  Somewhere between paper and plastic, event wristbands made from this material are waterproof and strong, so they’ll last the length of the show and beyond.

They’re also perfect for printing on. This is essential when you’re in the business of memories. Make sure to choose a logo or text that’s sure to stick out in your attendees’ minds. Whether you take this space to promote the entertainment, your sponsors or your organization, remember it will be attached to your guests’ bodies for the duration of the show.

These event wristbands become as much a part of their memories as that awesome drum solo halfway in or when the guitarist broke a string and kept rocking out anyway! By branding your wristbands and placing them so prominently, you’re putting yourself in position to become tied to all the great memories made during your event.

Everybody Wins

When guests purchase tickets and wristbands to get into your venue, they’re purchasing memories. When you customize event wristbands with your own branding, you’re purchasing a cherished place within those memories.

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