Cash Ticket Rolls

Offered with monetary values of 25¢, 50¢, and $1.00, our single cash ticket rolls have a variety of uses at special events!

These single ticket rolls are perfect as raffle tickets or any game where the prize level is equal to the ticket price. For instance, you're raffling off a variety of prizes (such as in a basket raffle or tricky tray), and guests walk around depositing half their ticket into the corresponding prize jar. Another use for these number tickets is for cash prizes at your event! Choose the denomination to be sold and grow the jackpot with each ticket sale. Every time you sell a raffle ticket for your raffle, tear it in two, give one half to the customer, and drop the other into the raffle drum. You'll connect the winning number and stub holder.

Finally, these single ticket rolls can act like cash at your event. Customers may buy the number of tickets they need at the door and redeem them for anything from refreshments and games to rides. When used for this purpose, they'll cut down on lines and make it easier to balance the till at the end of the day.

These roll tickets are printed on sturdy paper weight and available in various hues, including a brilliant red color! Each comes with 2,000 tickets, all of which are pre-perforated for clean tearing and bear a unique ticket number. Our cash ticket rolls are top quality but offered at a low price —satisfaction is guaranteed! . Expect your cash ticket rolls to arrive fast—they're in stock, and we process orders in one business day.

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