What's so great about tickets?

At Eventgroove, we believe that there's more to printing tickets than "admit one."

The best tickets aren't just scraps of paper that sit on your dresser for a few days, get ripped in half by an enthusiastic drama student, and then clog your dryer's lint filter when you leave the stub in your favorite jeans. The best tickets sell your event, your organization, and your mission. The best tickets produce the arousal of anticipation before the fact, and the glow of nostalgia afterwards.

Beautiful, high-resolution tickets occupy a place of honor on your patron's fridge, held at eye-level with a funky magnet, a constant reminder of your upcoming event. They elicit questions from casual viewers and function as stealth advertising to new markets: anyone who walks through the kitchen. They keep people thinking and talking about your event long before the doors open.

Later, after the house lights come up and the confetti's been swept away, the best tickets begin their second life as souvenirs of a night to remember. Tucked into the frames of full-length mirrors or preserved in the pages of scrapbooks, they keep people thinking and talking about your event for years to come.

That's what the right ticket can do.

Eventgroove is committed to providing professional printing at affordable prices. Our standard features, like perforated stubs and individual numbering, help keep you organized before the band tunes up and they keep your event secure once the party's started. Our mission? Helping you accomplish your mission with economy and style. Because you want to do more than just "admit one." That's what's so great about tickets.

Trust us with your tickets.

People have trusted us with their ticket needs since 1997. Eventgroove is a leader in the professional ticket printing industry. We offer an easy to use website, competitive pricing and consistently high quality. If you are a new customer, please consider having us print your next order of tickets, posters, coupons, etc. If you are a returning customer please notice our many new Quick Tickets, posters and other products. We are committed to excellence and customer satisfaction.

We have two locations. Our production facility is in Harlowton, Montana and our software development, marketing, and corporate offices are in Bozeman, Montana. Both locations are close to world class recreation in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. If you are interested in working at our company please write us at careers@eventgroove.com.

Eventgroove is a subsidiary of the Elk River Systems corporation. Elk River Systems is the company that builds the website and printing software that enables Eventgroove to provide products and services to its customers. Elk River Systems' other subsidiaries are Eventgroove (US), Eventgroove (UK), Eventgroove (AU), Eventgroove (CA), and PerforatedPaper.com.

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Lance Trebesch

Eventgroove Fundraising
Eventgroove Fundraising is a free service by the same team as Eventgroove which enables raffle organizers to create a fundraising page and raise more money for their cause. Eventgroove Fundraising enables online ticket sales and provides unique tools to manage fundraisers online. Our mission is to enable organizations to host more fundraisers, raise more money, and sell more tickets for their cause.

Eventgroove Events
Eventgroove is powered by Eventgroove and is designed to streamline your job as an event organizer! It just doesn't get any easier than this: enter your event details and Eventgroove automatically creates a webpage for your event. Start sending invites; start customizing, printing, and selling tickets; collecting and managing money; and tracking ticket sales right away, straight from your Event Dashboard. Eventgroove puts you in the command seat, allowing you to control every aspect of event planning from a single easy-to-use tool.

Setting up your event and webpage is completely free. We only charge a minimal fee for each ticket sold, and our rates are some of the lowest in the industry! We don't get paid until you do, so we're always helping you sell more tickets.

Our Chief Energizing Officers

Lance Trebesch, CEO

Lance Trebesch is CEO and President of Elk River Systems Corporation, and its business units, Eventgroove (US), Eventgroove (UK), Eventgroove (AU), Eventgroove (CA), and PerforatedPaper.com. Lance is responsible for all operations and functions of the company. Lance brings a successful track record of technology and early-stage experience.

Prior to Elk River Systems, Lance was Vice President and General Manager of Savi Technology (an Accel Partners-backed company). Lance proposed and led Savi Technology's supply chain security business unit, now a joint venture company with Hutchison Whampoa called Savi Networks. Lance was successful in securing $67 million in Federal appropriations for the supply chain security market. In October 2001, Mr. Trebesch co-founded the Strategic Council on Security Technology (SCST), an industry group comprised of Hutchison Whampoa, PSA, P&O, China Merchants Group, and SSA Marine. Savi Technology was acquired by Lockheed Martin in 2006.

Prior to Savi, Lance was Vice President and General Manager of Viant, a Kleiner Perkins and Mohr Davidow-backed internet services firm. Lance was responsible for Viant's global media and entertainment practice and its Southwest region based in Los Angeles. Lance grew the region from startup to revenues of $27M, 85 employees, and 18 successful client engagements. Lance and his team proposed and executed the first Internet business delivering full-length feature films called Movielink, now owned by Sony, Paramount, Universal, and Time-Warner. Viant went public in June of 1999.

As Director of Strategic Alliances for Dimension X, a pioneering Java software startup, Lance closed 15 technology integration, licensing, and co-marketing deals with Microsoft Corporation across platform, tools, and applications business units. The technology and partnership deals eventually led to Microsoft acquiring Dimension X in May 1997. Lance began his career with APL where he spent over seven years in several management positions, including Director of Information Technology where he led and designed APL's global EDI network infrastructure implementation with four global alliance partners across Asia, Europe, and South America. As part of his duties, he also managed an application development team of 15 employees. Lance graduated from the University of Washington with degrees in History and Economics. Lance is on the board of the Better Business Bureau in the Northwest (https://www.bbb.org/local-bbb/bbb-northwest-pacific) and often writes articles on trust and authenticity for online companies.

Mike Yinger, Founder and COB

Mike Yinger is the Founder and Chairman of the Board of Elk River Systems Corporation and its business units, Eventgroove (US), Eventgroove (UK), Eventgroove (AU), Eventgroove (CA), and PerforatedPaper.com. Mike is responsible for all technology including the design and architecting of our ticket printing technology. Mike brings 35 years of enterprise technology experience. Prior to starting Elk River Systems, Mike worked for IBM from 1994 to 1997. As an Executive Consultant and Systems Architect, Mike helped establish a strong object oriented systems development practice within IBM Global Services. He consulted widely within IBM's labs and research centers. As a Segment Executive, he led the development of enterprise object oriented systems in Europe. Among his clients while at IBM include USAA, Shell, AGIP Petroli SpA, and Norway's Statoil.

Mike was an early practitioner and pioneer in developing mission-critical object-oriented systems. In 1991, Mike joined Digitalk, the maker of the object-oriented Smalltalk programming language and development tools as a Senior Consultant. Mike worked with clients as diverse as Sprint, Cargill, Prudential, The Principal, Bankers Trust, Burlington Northern. Mike's focus was system's architecture and object-oriented business model architecture. He helped develop a headless version of the Smalltalk virtual machine. He also helped clients scale the learning curve of object technology through strong mentorship and consulting engagements.

Prior to Digitalk, Mike led a private consulting company, Canonical Systems, specializing in object-oriented architectures and systems. His clients included Boeing, Sandia National Laboratory, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, McDonnell Douglas, General Dynamics Space Division, and Hughes Aircraft.

Before Canonical Systems, Mike spent three years at Northrop Grumman. Mike worked in Northrop's Advanced Systems Division where he developed lofting software used for aero and radar design optimization for the B2 Stealth Bomber. Also, at Northrop, he was a primary author of an object-oriented conceptual schema language that later adopted by the ISO 10303 as Part 11(EXPRESS) of the standard for product definition.

Mike began his career in software development working in the field of finite element analysis, signal processing, manufacturing and engineering systems for Tektronix, and Hughes Aircraft Corporation.

Mike graduated from Oregon State University with a degree in mechanical engineering. Mike joined the USMC in 1969 and was privileged to serve with the 1st Mar Div, 1st Marine Regiment in Vietnam.

Evan Schnabel, CTO

Evan Schnabel is the Chief Technology Officer of Elk River Systems Corporation and is responsible for the design and development of the company's business unit systems and web applications for all its business units, Eventgroove (US_, Eventgroove (UK), Eventgroove (AU), Eventgroove (CA), and PerforatedPaper.com. Evan has spent over over 20 years delivering successful web based applications for both large corporations and small startups.

Prior to Elk River Systems, Evan was VP of Technology at Pro Elite Inc., a startup where he lead a team building a social network and user generated content site for a growing mixed martial arts community. Evan was responsible for building a team, setting the technology roadmaps, designing architectures and delivering quality software. With his team, he conceived of, built, and launched elitexc.com and proelite.com in 30 days and grew the community to 20k registered users within 60 days of launch. In the process, Evan built a team that consisted of both local and offshore talent while utilizing agile methods of development to work quickly in a dynamic environment.

As Sr. Director of Systems Architecture at Movielink Inc. Evan led the design and development of a top broadband video e-commerce site which allows consumers to purchase feature films over the internet. Evan took this idea from a "back-of-the-napkin" concept through launch and into a fully operational business. Evan worked closely with company executives to ensure that the technology roadmap and architecture were in sync with corporate strategy. His work included the design of a services API which allowed Movielink to integrate its content licensing and delivery engines with other partners interested in providing feature films on their own sites without having to build a rights management and delivery infrastructure.

As Senior Technology Consultant at Viant Corp. Evan was responsible for leading technology design and development on a variety of client engagements primarily focused in the media and entertainment practice. Evan worked on projects for Compaq, Tandy Computers, G-Tech and Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment.

As Director of Research & Development at Digital Evolution Inc. Evan was responsible for researching new tools and technologies and leading projects. Evan worked on projects for Microsoft, Disney Online, Lexus Motors, PBS, Rand Corporation and Deloitte & Touche.

In addition to his work with companies, Evan also teaches at the university level on website design and development. Evan developed the course ideas, curriculum and course materials and taught 60+ students integrated design and development techniques and skills for successful website development.

Evan graduated from the University of Southern California with a B.A. Architecture degree.