Event Badges

By Eventgroove, formerly TicketPrinting.com!

  • Top-quality event badges and VIP passes at low prices
  • 3-business-day processing *
  • Five event badge and VIP pass options
  • Available on high-quality card stock or no-tear synthetic


  • High-quality media options
  • Security Options: Hologram, glossmark on synthetic or card stock
  • Other options: unique barcode, names, die cut (round corner)
Browse Badge Designs Design Your Own Custom


  • High-quality media options
  • Security Options: Hologram, glossmark on synthetic or card stock
  • Other options: unique barcode, names, die cut (round corner)
Browse Badge Designs Design Your Own Custom


  • High-quality media options
  • Security Options: Hologram, glossmark on synthetic or card stock
  • Other options: unique barcode, names, die cut (round corner)
Browse Badge Designs Design Your Own Custom


  • Thick durable plastic card stock, tear and waterproof
  • Low minimum quantities
  • Options: names, unique barcodes, images and more

ECONOMY BADGE: 3.75" x 2.5"

  • Simple straightforward economy badges
  • Printed on card stock, 100 lb.
  • Options: names, unique barcodes
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* higher quantities requires more processing days

I’ve ordered event badges before from TicketPrinting.com. Is Eventgroove the same as TicketPrinting.com?

Yes! Eventgroove is the same Montana-based company delivering exceptional printed event badges, tickets, and more at low prices! We've undergone a rebrand, and as Eventgroove, we now offer our customers even more products and services. Check out our online fundraising and events platform, as well as our custom printed merchandise!

What are event badges?

Event badges help you keep track of your guests, especially if it's a long event and people will be coming and going throughout the day. They're generally printed on paper, card stock, plastic, or synthetic material and affix to the wearer with a badge holder or lanyard. Event badges also help you remember everyone's name and enable you to identify participants by name, bar code, or even seating designation.

How are event badges displayed?

Most people wear their badges hung around the neck with a lanyard or clipped to the front of their shirt or jacket. Therefore, we offer both display options—plastic badges, synthetic badges, and heavy-duty card-stock badges can all come with a lanyard slot so that they can attach to a lanyard with a bulldog clip and worn around the neck.

Do event badges really increase the security of my event?

Yes! When attendees are wearing event badges, staff can identify paying guests in a glance. Event badges can also work as highly visible event tickets. To further enhance your event's security, add barcodes to each event badge. This helps to prevent fraud—just scan the barcode and you'll know right away whether the badge is legitimate.

Security options for event badges include:

  • Unique design
  • Participants' names
  • Security bar codes
  • Magnetic striping (VIP badge only)
  • Any identifier or variable data you can add to the badge with a CSV file

Besides security, how can I use event badges?

Everyone knows what it's like to forget a name at a party or networking event. Event badges solve that problem! Need to organize different groups of guests? Adding a designation on each badge helps you quickly sort guests into smaller groups. Want to really put your badges to work? Print each one with all the data you might need—indicate varying levels of access, contribution, or participation. Event badges are also a terrific way to advertise sponsors, showcase your logo, or highlight speakers and performers. Plus, they make interesting souvenirs.

Event badges can also be used for everyday identification purposes on secure campuses or anywhere all authorized personnel regularly wear nametags or official passes.

From what materials are Eventgroove event badges made? How do they hold up?

Eventgroove event badges are available in all kinds of materials. Paper event badges are printed on 100lb cover stock, with either a matte or gloss finish. We also offer a heavier card stock at 130lb, a 30mil plastic material, or a 16mil synthetic stock. Plastic and synthetic badges are by custom order only.

Economy paper event badges are subject to wear just like any paper product, but the vinyl pouch will protect the badge from damage or wear while in use. Heavy-duty card-stock badges are sturdy enough in which to punch a lanyard slot. Synthetic badges are waterproof and will not tear—they're printed on durable, premium, heavyweight 16 mil synthetic stock. Paper or card-stock badges are better suited for short events. However, if you want your badges to last for several days, plastic or synthetic is the better choice.

Before I choose my media, can I get a sample of the different event badge materials?

Of course! If you'd like to examine some examples of different types of event badges, you can request sample kits through our site. You can also LiveChat or phone our friendly customer support specialists at 888.771.0809 to request your kit.

Can I add images to my custom event badges?

Yes! You can use images, photos, designs, or logos to create event badges. Economy event badges and VIP badges can be designed and sent to us in most standard file formats (TIFF, JPEG, PDF, GIF). Please extend the full-color background 0.125" on all sides beyond the badge size of 3.375" x 2.125". If you have a legal right to reproduce any piece of art, we can add it to your event badges.

If you're not sure what you want, you can use one of our pre-designed event badge templates, or our design team can create your perfect event badge. You can even match your event badges to any Eventgroove Event Kit you may have already chosen.

What other event badge customization options are available?

It's easy to customize event badges by personalizing them with each guest’s name. Just send us a. CSV file with everyone's name and we'll create a custom, personalized badge for each participant. We can also add QR codes so that guests can easily exchange information or gain access to different aspects of your event.

Can you print on the back of the event badge? What information should I put there?

Yes, our event badges can be printed on both sides. Adding your sponsor's logo and information to the back is always a great idea!

Do I get to approve my event badges before they go to print?

Absolutely! After you've decided upon your design, placed your order, and provided us with any necessary files, we'll generate a digital proof for you. If you use one of our pre-designed templates, the proof will be presented instantly. If we create a custom event badge design, your proof should appear in your inbox one business day after the order has been placed. Of course, we will never print anything until you're satisfied with the proof, so you'll need to approve it before we begin processing.

I've approved my proof. How long before I get my event badges?

Not long at all! Most badge orders will take three to five business days to process after final proof approval.

For blank lanyards and pouches, production times are as follows:

  • 250-1000 pieces: next day
  • 1001-2500 pieces: 2 days
  • 2501-5000 pieces: 3 days

For printed lanyards, you'll receive your proof one business day after the order is placed. After approval, production times are as follows:

  • 250-1000 pieces: 6 days after proof approval
  • 1001-2500 pieces: 8 days after proof approval
  • 2501-5000 pieces: 13 days after proof approval

You will have several UPS shipping options from which to choose.