Postcard Printing

By Eventgroove, formerly!

  • Top-quality postcard printing on sturdy, high-quality stock
  • Choose from a variety of customizable postcard templates
  • Save money through our low prices and FREE address correction
  • Speedy order processing and delivery—your custom postcards are sent via USPS First Class or can be shipped directly to you
    Follow the blue dots! They correspond to the template's form fields on your screen's left-hand side.
    Click the "Select List..." button, then navigate to your Comma-Separated Values (.csv) file.
    We'll instantly make a proof! Please review carefully for accuracy, and order when ready.
    Orders are printed within 3 business days, then delivered via USPS First-Class Mail in an additional 1-5 business days.


I don't know how to design a postcard. Can someone guide me through the process?

Our friendly, knowledgeable, Montana-based customer service team is happy to help you every step of the way! Call  888-771-0809 or start a live chat. Our graphic designers can also create a custom design tailored to your needs. Read about our custom design services or email for more details.

Is it possible to set up a private site with customized templates for my company for easy reordering?

Absolutely! We work with many organizations and businesses in this way. Please call  888-771-0809 or email to get started.

What kinds of card stocks are available?

Your postcards can be printed in full color or black ink on white heavy weight card stock (matte or semi-gloss finish), or black ink on medium weight, colored card stock. The heavy weight stock has about the same heft as that of an expensive business card or greeting card, while the medium weight stock feels like a standard business card in hand and has a matte finish.

What kind of press and inks will be used to print my postcards?

We print your beautiful products on Xerox Color 1000 digital presses, which use dry ink toner.

Will Eventgroove coat my postcards? What are my finish options?

No coatings are applied to our postcards. However, our heavy weight card stock is available in matte or semi-gloss finish.

Is there an order minimum?

We work with many small businesses (and large ones, too!). To accommodate, our order minimum is just 50 postcards!

What sizes are your postcards?

To qualify for First-Class Mail postcard pricing, USPS requires that postcards must be rectangular and be no larger than 4.25" x 6". Our printed postcards measure 4.25" x 6", unless you have a custom design and have indicated otherwise to our design team.

Are postcard samples available? I'd like to see their quality in person.

We thought you'd never ask! We're always happy to send you a sample package at no cost. You can request a number of samples on our free sample page.

Satisfaction Guarantee


What is covered in your direct mail postcard pricing?

We like it when things are straightforward and simple, so our pricing is, too! There are no service charges or processing fees—just your information printed on a postcard, plus postage.

For postcards, you'll be charged 35¢ each, while letter-sized mail is 50¢ per piece. The only instance in which postage will vary is in the case of non-standard size media, which can raise the price.

May I have my postcards printed with addresses but sent to me rather than mailed out? Does doing so affect pricing?

Yes! We are happy to process your postcards and then deliver in bulk for you to mail later. Since we won't be applying postage, you'll simply be charged for printing and shipping.

What is your cancellation policy?

We move fast! Once you complete your order, it is automatically printed. However, if you call before your order is shipped, we'll gladly refund your shipping charges.

Postcard Design

May I hire you to design postcards from scratch for me?

Our team of graphic designers would be glad to create a postcard design tailored to your needs. Read about our custom design services or email for more details.

What parts of my postcard should I leave blank?

Leave that to us! All of our postcard templates are designed to meet USPS standards, ensuring addresses, information, and other details are exactly where they should be.

Should I put a return address on my postcards?

There's no law saying you must, but it sure is a smart move. Including a return address enables the post office to return undeliverable mail. That information is extremely helpful in keeping your mailing list updated and in tracking undeliverable pieces. Plus, it reinforces your business's location.

May I add images to my postcard?

Many of our postcard templates have one or more image upload spaces. When you find a design you like with image uploads, navigate to the customize tab and you'll find image upload buttons beneath the text fields. If the postcard template you like doesn't have custom image spots, you can always change an online template into a custom order. For a little extra money, we'll create the perfect postcard for your needs. For an estimate, please call our Customer Support Specialists at  888-771-0809 or email

Will I get a proof of my postcard before it's printed?

Yes! When you choose one of our postcard templates or upload your own design, a proof will be instantly available for your review and approval. If we create a custom design for you, a graphic designer will provide you with a proof. Nothing will be printed without your approval.

I don't like my proof. What do I do?

Just reply to the proof email from and tell our design team what you'd like changed. By the end of the next business day (at the latest!), you'll receive a revised proof.

Mailing Lists

What file format does my mailing list need to be, and what information needs to be included?

We accept Comma Separated Value (.CSV) files and invite you to download our mailing list template to ensure your list is formatted properly.

Once I've uploaded my list, will it be saved?

To keep it easily accessible to you, your mailing list will be saved securely in your account. After logging in, navigate to your account and select My Lists & Events from the drop-down menu.

Postage + Delivery

From where are my postcards actually mailed?

All orders are processed and mailed from our offices in Harlowton, Montana.

How are they mailed?

At this time, all postcards are sent via USPS First-Class Mail, but watch this space! We'll soon offer bulk, non-profit, and marketing postage rates.

Do you mail postcards internationally?

No. Though we like to travel overseas, at the moment, our postcards don't.

Will I be refunded for postcards that are undeliverable or duplicates?

No. You are responsible for undeliverables and duplicates.

What is the turnaround for my postcards? When will they be delivered?

After you've approved the proof and ordered, we'll get working right away on printing your postcards. This usually takes about 3 business days, however, the quantity ordered can be a factor. Once printed, your postcards are then mailed via USPS First Class. Expect an additional 1-5 business days before your postcards are in mailboxes.

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