Table Tents

By Eventgroove, formerly!

What are table tents?

A table tent (also known as a table talker or tent card) is a small but mighty marketing tool! Table tents are typically printed on sturdy stock and meant to be stood upright atop tables (or any flat, eye-level surface) where patrons can easily see them. Table tents are used for all sorts of things—you'll see them promoting products, specials (including happy hours, pub quizzes, and karaoke night), or a business's services. They're also used to promote school or charity fundraisers such as raffles, galas, festivals, and concerts. Since table tents are often at a point of sale or on cocktail or dinner tables, they are right in front of a captive audience, making them a great way to get the word out!

What size are table tents?

Our table tents measure 5.5" x 6.75" at the face, not including the interlocking base. When unfolded, Eventgroove table tents measure 5.5" x 18".

How do you make a table tent?

Choose any of our pre-designed, customizable table tent templates, and add your text and images in many cases. Once you approve your instant proof, we'll print and ship!

Can I add a QR code to my table tents?

Yes! Our design team can create a table tent with a QR code! Our design fee is super affordable and turnaround is fast. To get more information, open a LiveChat, call (888) 771-0809, or email

Can I add my logo to my table tents?

Absolutely! You can either choose one of our table tent templates with an existing image upload option or work with our team to customize an existing template or have them create a custom table tent design. For more information, open a LiveChat, call (888) 771-0809, or email

Are table tents printed on both sides?

Yes, the two faces of the table tent are printed so that patrons on either side may read them! The two faces of our table tents mirror one another, meaning what's printed on one side is also printed on the other. If you'd like two different designs on the same table tent, reach out to our customer support team. They'd be delighted to whip up a table tent designed to your specifications.

How do Eventgroove table tents stand?

Our table tents are printed on sturdy, stiff card stock and have interlocking bases. They'll be packed flat (unfolded) when they arrive. All you'll need to do is fold them and interlock the base, and they're ready to go!

How long will it take to receive my printed table tents? Where are they made?

Your table tents are printed right in our Montana facility!

We pride ourselves on lightning-fast processing. For table tent orders placed before 3 p.m. CST Monday through Friday, you can count on a 24-hour turnaround! For orders placed on the weekend, processing takes slightly longer. For example, if you order table tents on a Saturday, your order will process Monday and ship Tuesday. If you're planning on ordering more than 5000 table tents, a different processing timeline is followed. Please review our processing times for larger orders.

When your order is ready to go, your chosen UPS shipping speed will dictate the time it takes for your table tents to arrive. Please review the UPS shipping methods offered on our Online Order Processing page and the shipping time map for UPS Ground.

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