Custom Cloth Wristbands

Why should I order my fabric wristbands from Eventgroove (formerly

We've been the industry leader in event ticket and custom printing services since 1997. Eventgroove is committed to providing the friendliest customer service around and affordable, top-quality fabric wristbands, event tickets, and more (including a virtual event and fundraising platform!). Plus, your fabric wristband order is backed by a satisfaction guarantee.

What are fabric or cloth wristbands?

Cloth wristbands (also known as fabric wristbands) are great for multi-day, outdoor music festivals and events! They're made of a soft, durable, dye-sublimated polyester fabric and fit to the wrist with a plastic barrel lock. They're comfortable, easy to wear, and can be customized in various colors.

Can I get custom-printed cloth wristbands?

Yes! Our wristband templates can be customized with the print of your choice. Alternatively, you can have our team create a custom cloth wristband design that includes your logo and specific text from scratch! For more information or for a quote, call our friendly customer support team at (888) 771-0809 or email them at

What's an easy way to use cloth or fabric wristbands to differentiate between types of attendees?

Buy them in a range of colors and assign different colors to guests under 21, press, VIPs, staff, and others!

How do cloth wristbands keep my outdoor music festival or event secure?

In addition to making it easy to identify paying guests in a glance, each cloth wristband is affixed to the wrist with a plastic barrel lock. Once tightened to fit, the plastic lock won't move, so the only way to remove the cloth wristband off is to cut it off. Additionally, the lock is waterproof, extremely sturdy, and will withstand several days of use. Finally, the fabric of our cloth wristbands is extremely resistant to snapping or tearing.

How quickly will my cloth wristbands ship?

We ship most cloth wristband orders within 24 hours! Just place your order by 3 p.m. CST, and we'll process and ship it the very next business day. If you place your fabric wristband order on Saturday, it will process Monday and ship Tuesday. Bulk orders may also have a longer processing time—please review our Online Order Processing page for details.

Have more questions? Check out our main wristband FAQ (it's on the bottom right of your screen), or reach out to our friendly customer service team at (888) 771-0809, by opening a chat, or by email at