Parking Products

By Eventgroove, formerly!

  • Affordable parking stickers and custom parking passes
  • 2- and 3-part valet tickets and hang tag permits
  • Printed on sturdy white or colored card stock
  • Unique numbering and easy-tear perforated segments
  • 1-business-day order turnaround and fast shipping

Where can I get inexpensive valet tickets, parking stamps, parking passes, and parking permits?

Right here on Eventgroove (formerly! We offer 2-part and 3-part valet tickets; basic and themed parking passes; and parking validation stamps and stickers in a variety of colors and time increments. Though affordable, all our valet tickets, parking stamps, parking passes, and parking permits are of top quality, ship lightning fast, and come with a satisfaction guarantee!

What information is included on parking permits?

Each printed parking permit has sequential, unique numbering on both the body and the perforated stub. In addition, there are blanks for parking and valet staff to fill out the driver's name, phone number, room number (where applicable), and the car's make, model, and color. Additionally, there is space to indicate the timeframe in which the permit is valid as well as the driver's license number.

Are parking permits and valet tickets perforated?

Yes! All Eventgroove parking permits and valet tickets are pre-perforated for a clean, easy tear. In addition, each of our parking permits have perforation to enable staff to slip them easily over rearview mirrors.

What are 2-part and 3-part valet tickets? What are they used for?

2-part valet tickets are typically used for self-parking. After paying, the driver parks and locks the vehicle themself. 2-part valet tickets are perforated to enable parking staff to create two pieces—the bottom half is held by the driver or placed on the dashboard while the top half is for your records.

3-part valet tickets are used in valet stands and perforated into three sections. Each piece is printed with the same sequential number so that all three stubs lead back to the same customer and car. When separated, the top stub is for the keys, the middle stub stays in the car, and the third stub acts as the claim check that is given to the customer.

How are your parking validation stickers secure?

Eventgroove parking validation stickers are self-adhesive, sold in packages of 1,000, and rendered secure with a star shape cut into the center of each. Subsequently, our parking validation stickers are nearly impossible to remove or tamper with without ruining them.

In what time increments are your parking stamps offered?

Our tamper-proof parking validation stickers are stocked and available in time increments of 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes, and all day. There's also an array of colors from which to choose!

Are valet tickets, parking stamps, parking passes, and parking permits stocked? What is the order turnaround?

Yes! All our valet tickets, parking stamps, parking passes, and parking permits are in stock and ready to ship. When you place your order before 3 pm C.S.T Monday through Friday, it'll ship the very next business day. Review our Online Order Processing page for more details.

Do you have customizable, themed parking passes? I'd love to have them match my event's theme!

Absolutely. We have a wide range of easy-to-customize parking passes to which you can add event details and, in many cases, logos and custom images. Browse all our designs on our Hangtags page! We can also print event tickets, posters, invitations, raffle tickets, and more that match to help you build a solid visual brand.

Have more questions? Check out our general FAQ or contact our customer support team at (888) 771-0809, via LiveChat, or by email at

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