3 Types Of Paper Wristbands For Crowd Control


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Whether you’re planning to attend a multi-day music festival or just a one-night show, chances are you’re going to wind up with a paper wristband on your wrist.

What Makes Paper Wristbands Great

They’re aces at crowd control and super inexpensive. In one glance, staff can see who is a paying guest and who is not. Paper wristbands are also terrific branding tools — especially when they match your event’s theme and include a logo, URL, or QR code.

Types of Paper Wristbands For Security

1) Hologram Wristbands

These flashy event bracelets are the best when it comes to security. Made out of Tyvek, they feature tamper-proof adhesive tabs and an easy-to-spot, unique hologram. In addition, the holographic foil label is difficult to duplicate and provides easy and fast identification. Choose your holographic wristband from among the templates here, or we can custom design one for you!

2) Stubbed Wristbands

Similar to hologram wristbands, stubbed wristbands are made of durable Tyvek and great for multi-day use. What sets them apart, however, is that they come with a stub. A unique, matching number on the stub and wristband, which is what sets it apart from the rest! Stubbed wristbands are often used as event tickets, raffle tickets, or even refreshment vouchers.

As a raffle ticket: the stub is separated from the wristband and dropped into the tombola (or raffle ticket receptacle). Since the wristband and stub bear the same number, connecting the winner to the prize is easy!

As an event ticket: Staff tears the stub off at the door, thus indicating the wearer has entered (helpful for preventing fraud). You can then use the stubs later to evaluate attendance.

As a food/beverage voucher: Designate the stub to equate to a free drink, hot dog or anything else!

 3) Vinyl Wristbands

Once attached, these tough cookies are not coming off. Subsequently, they provide excellent security for multi-day and outdoor events. Vinyl wristbands are made of polypropylene, making them even MORE durable than Tyvek. Thus, they’re perfect for multi-day, outdoor events. Additionally, vinyl wristbands are tops for quick performer/event staff identification, age verification, or VIP/backstage passes. Shop all our vinyl wristbands here. 

If none of our wristband templates match your needs, we’re happy to create the custom wristbands you envision! LiveChat or call 888.771.0809 our customer service team and we’ll whip up a custom design in a few days.

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