Celebrating Role Models on the Red Carpet


Superpowers, or saving lives, are not required to be a hero. All that’s needed is to make a positive impact on others—in short, be a role model! How many times have another’s positive actions inspired you to take some of your own? If you’re anything like us at Eventgroove, the answer is “lots”! Possessing the ability to positively influence others is more potent than any magic or mutant power. This is because, little by little, role models help make the world a better place simply by interacting with others around them.

The Naomi Red Carpet Recognition Concert and Brunch

Celebrating those special, everyday role models is exactly where the “Naomi” Red Carpet Recognition Concert & Brunch comes in. Our customer and one of the event’s organizers, Jayda Rainy, explained, “The Naomi Red Carpet Event began as a pre-Mother’s Day event to honor and celebrate women who have made a positive impact on their families community but are not normally treated to a Red Carpet experience.” This annual event was founded by The Naomi and Titus 2 Covenant Alliance (NT2CA), whose mission is to “help restore the role of Godly women as role models and teachers to youth.” NT2CA defines those special women who walk the red carpet as “Godly women ages 50 years or older who…are often mothers, grandmothers, teachers, and mentors who have been willing to sacrifice something in order to make a positive difference in the lives of others.”

Held at the Hilton St. Petersburg Bayfront, this year’s May 26 event not only has a red carpet, but also a wonderful brunch and concert performed by the Mighty Sons of Zion, a top gospel group! Jayda told us that, “Since 2009, we have managed to honor about 250 women. Many are from the Tampa Bay area…but we do have some that have come in from New York, Texas, Virginia, and North Carolina to be honored by walking the red carpet.” That’s a lot of women making a big difference, all of whom deserve recognition! Plus, says Jayda, “After walking the red carpet, many continue to serve with us, volunteering as high school/ elementary school mentors and volunteers, encouragers for the St. Pete Free Clinic’s Encouragers (every 2nd Tuesday), as hospice volunteers, M.O.C.S. Mentors, and event volunteers.”

The event’s ticket sales also help earn funds to support the NT2CA’s community programs. Additionally, the NT2CA gives annually to many chosen charities, including Empath Suncoast Hospice, St. Petersburg Free Clinic Women’s Residence, All Kidney Patient Support Group, and the Next STEPP Pregnancy Center. To try and keep event costs down, Jayda and the rest of the planning team ordered tickets from Eventgroove. They loved the prices and the fact that we turn orders around fast.

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