Double Duty: Event Wristbands as Raffle Tickets


Event wristbands can denote the VIP status of your visitors, verify their ages, or simply affirm that they’ve paid the price of admission. They’re ideal for increasing event security. Creative minds can think of dozens of inventive uses for these versatile paper bracelets. Why not save money and add some extra excitement to the proceedings by turning your functional Event Wristbands into exciting Raffle Tickets?

*  Designing Your Raffle Wristband: In addition to the information and logo of your event, a wristband may also include a set of secure, individual numbers that can facilitate a giveaway throughout your event. You can choose prizes that spotlight your organization or business’s services or products, thereby adding a marketing edge to your event. Since people will be coming and going at your event, you may choose to have prize draws every hour or so during the event. This, along with the event wristbands, will create a buzz about the services or products your event endorses.

*  Choosing Appropriate Raffles: If your event is a local music festival, raffles can include CDs of the bands playing the event, as well as merchandise like T-shirts and posters. If your event is more focused on a business, you may raffle gift certificates and gift baskets that highlight your products.

*  The Advantage of Raffle Wristbands Over Tickets: Put simply, small tickets become lost at events, but wristbands will remain on the wrists of those at your event. Wristband raffles add some efficient flair to your event that puts the focus back onto your organization or business through the products and services raffled.

*  Charging More for Raffle Wristbands: To raise even more money at your event, charge more for admission for visitors to be given a raffle wristband. As long as the price is reasonable, most supporters will pay an extra couple of dollars for a chance to win something during your event. This can also help deflect costs of the event as well as the prizes being awarded.

The advantages to having event wristbands that double as raffle tickets will give your event a uniqueness as well, making your event stand out among others. This will also be a draw to your event in the coming years: some people will come to your event simply because of the added excitement of leaving with prizes. Previous winners and their friends will be strong supporters in this group!

Your business or organization gains instant exposure and your  raffle Event Wristbands instantly become a great way to advertise and market your business or organization. The ease of use and your ability to design customized event wristbands give you a lot of control over the marketing aspects of your event and what it signifies for your organization at large. Going yet another level for marketing, the prizes can even possess the logo of your event and organization, continuing to provide added exposure even after your event comes to an end.

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