Getting the Word Out: Marketing Your Raffle


The success of any raffle event lives and dies based upon the ability to advertise. From posters to postcards, fundraising websites to flyers, marketing your raffle is essential, because the more people who show up, the better the result!

There are a few elements when it comes to getting the message out:

The combination of these three things is key to marketing your raffle fundraiser.


It’s important to have a unified theme that extends through all advertising for a raffle. Branding keeps the message consistent and makes it possible to create a quick association between a single image or phrase and the fundraiser itself. Even something as simple as using a consistent color scheme can link all the advertising thematically and help keep it in the minds of prospective attendees and donors.


No matter the advertising medium, always include the who, what, when, and where (this goes for raffle tickets, too). Also, be sure to provide a basic description of the event. For example, telling people in advance that it’s a black-tie affair would be essential information.


The appeal of a raffle is contributing to a worthy cause and the opportunity to win prizes) It’s essential to be specific about what that cause might be and how the money raised will be spent. For instance, it’s better to say you’re raising money to pay for softball team uniforms rather than simply for the school. 

Cohesive advertising is a great way to drum up interest in a raffle event. There are so many ways to promote a charity function these days that you’re only limited by your creativity when it comes to generating attention and increasing attendance.

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