Going Places


Some of the more popular types of raffles involve items that help the winner get away in some manner, be it an actual destination or just the open road. The appeal of these types of raffles is that they offer what people consider to be luxury items, things they wouldn’t necessarily spend their own money on. It’s that possibility of a break from every day life that makes these raffles so enticing!


The very definition of a “vacation” involves the suspension of the normal activities of every day life. What could be more inviting than the chance at winning a trip to an exotic locale or sunny resort for the just the price of a Raffle Ticket?


Nothing says “luxurious” like a trip to a spa! Spa visits can be just a single day, but can end up being even more desirable than a vacation, since it’s a slice of paradise that doesn’t require taking time off from work or school.


Of course, there’s the more traditional form of high end prize to consider. While a car has limits – you’re bound by the road, after all – a luxury car can make the journey nearly as enjoyable as the destination. As the saying goes, getting there is half the fun!


Speaking of which, what could be more fun than traveling somewhere by motorcycle? In many ways, a motorcycle can be more appealing at a raffle than a car, simply because it’s a non-essential item.


In the end, the most flexible prize is always cash. Whoever has that lucky number can take the money and put it towards any of the getaway options listed above. The only drawback with cash is that more practical winners will use the money for practical things, when the appeal of the specific prizes is the fact that they’re out of the ordinary.

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