How Do You Use Wristbands?


Wristbands Make It Easy

If you’ve ever attended a big event, chances are you’ve were outfitted with a DuPont Tyvek® wristband at the gate.  And, chances are, everyone around you had one firmly secured around his or her wrist as well. Admission wristbands have become ubiquitous at festivals and other occasions where they serve many purposes.

Admission, Crowd Control, and Re-entry

Event Wristbands, at their most basic, get guests quickly and safely into the venue. Once inside the event, they provide guests more freedom of movement and provide attendants and security with an easy way to determine whether they should be there. Rather than fumbling for ticket stubs or showing off an entry stamp that might be easily smeared or washed off, guests can simply flash their paper bracelets for identification. If for some reason a guest needs to leave the venue and return, the event wristband makes it simple.  Securely fastened in place, Tyvek® wristbands are durable and last the length of the event.


Event Wristbands help to ensure a secure environment while the event is taking place. They can be printed in a variety of colors or printed with a variety of images to make identification even simpler. From managing who has access to alcoholic beverages, to who is allowed backstage, to which guests are allowed into restricted events, security bracelets make it much easier for you to maintain the safety of your event and help to ensure everyone has a great time.

Event Branding and Sponsor Advertising

Custom made wristbands can be designed with branding, sponsorship, and advertising in mind. Guests have to pay attention to the message because, for the duration of the event, it is a part of them. Tyvek® is printable, so they can be designed to carry the overall branding of the event. If your organization has a logo or a theme for its annual affair, it can be included.

The space can also be used to pay homage to event sponsors. They’ve graciously donated money and time to see your event become a success. Why not donate space so they can promote their message?

Promotional Coupons

Event Wristbands can also play double duty as promotional coupons. Sponsors or advertisers can choose to offer special discounts for guests wearing your wristbands at the time of sale. In this way, these devices provide a usefulness that extends far beyond the venue of your festival or carnival.

Raffles and Door Prizes

Tyvek® wristbands can be individually numbered and printed with a holographic strip that keeps them secure, making them are ideal for managing raffles and door prizes at bigger events. Organizers can run the event much like a traditional raffle, drawing from a pool of number printed on the admission wristbands. Guests need not worry about losing their ticket stub over the course of the day when they can wear their entry into a raffle or door prize competition around their wrists!


When guests attend an event that they enjoy, they want to take something with them that will help them to remember. Many individuals collect custom wristbands from events they’ve attended, so they can relive the memories later on.

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