How to Offer the VIP Treatment At Your Event


When an artist performs at a large music festival, there’s no guarantee that staff will recognize them. Similarly, event staff might miss your nonprofit’s sponsors and big donors because they don’t know them by sight. This is awkward on so many levels. First and foremost, you want your A-listers (whoever they may be) to have a great experience and feel how important they are to your event and organization.

Event Badges make VIPs Stand Out

VIP event badges are the most efficient way to identify performing artists, sponsors, and other important guests. In a glace, event and security staff will know precisely who your A-listers are, which will then dictate their treatment.

Deliver VIP Treatment

Event badges aren’t just for talent and sponsors. If you’ve hosting a performance or music festival, chances are you’re selling VIP access. Coachella, for example, offers general admission, general admission plus shuttle, and then VIP tiers, as well as camping passes and add ons. With custom printed VIP event badges, you’ll be able to ensure that those who’ve paid for a VIP experience access perks smoothly and efficiently. Your event badges can also enhance security through custom QR codes, bar codes, and holograms. Want to see multi-purpose custom printed event badges in action? Check out how they helped organize UC Berkley’s Cal Haks Hackathon.

Made for Muti-Day Events

Plastic card event badges are waterproof, durable, and available with custom lanyards—perfect for events that span several days. Alternatively, you can go with sturdy card stock further protected by a vinyl holder. Either way, your badges will look great the whole time and last long after the weekend has passed! They’re also a great branding opportunity. Add sponsor logos, list bands, sell ad space on the back!

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