I’d Be Lost Without You!


 Event Badges Help You Navigate Your Next Convention

Attending a large convention is kind of like shrinking yourself down to bug-size and walking into an anthill. Not only are there thousands of others everywhere around you, they all have their own agenda and are going about their business as usual, each one with a specific task at hand. And the worst part: they all look alike.

It’s easy to get lost in the mix at a large convention. Maybe the vendor you are looking to do business with is on the other side of the convention center, leaving you to navigate through a few thousand people in an attempt to sift them out. Or what if you signed up at the last moment, and the convention managers put you in the corner, away from the swarms of potential customers piling around the main stands?

The best way to get your company name out there (and your name too!) at a convention is to use ID badges. They are a unique, durable and inexpensive way to identify your company amidst a crowd of others.

The Perks of Event Badges

  • Economy Event Badges or VIP Event Badges available
  • Made of thick paper or durable plastic
  • Full color printing
  • Include company logo or design your own badge
  • Individually named
  • Includes unique number or barcode
  • Choice of clear vinyl holder with lanyard and clip or clear plastic holder with clip

The option to design your own event badge is especially convenient and interesting because you can design a badge that goes with the theme of the specific convention you are attending. You have the option to include not only your company logo, but also a one-of-a-kind design of your making that will help you and your company stand out among others. Also, if you choose the lanyard option for your ID badges, you can have the company logo printed on them too!

Of course, it would ultimately work best if everyone at the convention used event badges, but don’t let your company name get lost in the dust without the right identification. Check with the convention manager at your upcoming convention, and ask them what kind of unique event badges they use. You might end up giving the managers a great recommendation they can use to identify attendees quickly and easily, and you may even save them some money in the end.

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