Keeping Your Youth Ministry Fresh


Event wristbands for kids, teens, and youth leaders

It can be hard to reach young people.  Today, more than ever, kids and teens are confronted with so many competing messages from infinite outlets; it can feel impossible to get your message through.

Youth-oriented activities like Christian-centered concerts, group outings, camps, and meet-ups not only make for a great time but keep your ministry relevant by reaching kids where they’re at, in a fast-paced, high tech, communication heavy and secular world.  Today’s youth ministry events need just as much forethought as any other type of event. From reaching out via social media like Instagram,  Facebook and Twitter, to choosing venues and designing collateral such as concert posters and event wristbands, you’ve got some groundwork to do.

Concerts That Mean Something

Popular contemporary Christian groups, like Jars of Clay and Burlap to Cashmere, can fill venues with fans as quickly as their mainstream counterparts, and a large concert allows you to share your ministry with many people at once.

Because of this, when planning your concert event, you want to pay special attention to crowd management. You want your attendees focused on the message. When you choose Tyvek wristbands, you can keep your event safe and secure while spreading the good word to your guests. These custom wristbands can be printed with your ministry’s logo or a special bible verse that encapsulates the spirit of the event.

Event wristbands help you make sure your guests, presenters, and performers are in the right place.  Choosing a variety of printed wristbands allows you to keep track of who needs to be where and when ensuring that the event goes off smoothly.

They also can serve as a precious keepsake for attendees.  Touched by the message of your event, your teen attendees may continue to sport their concert wristbands for days after. And why not? Tyvek wristbands are durable and waterproof.

Keep Your Group Together

If your church’s youth group is planning on attending a big event together, custom printed wristbands can be a great way to help you account for all your attendees. More cost-effective than custom printed t-shirts, wristbands are a discreet way for you to identify members of your group and provide a connection point, binding your members together in the spirit of the event.

Print your event wristbands with your group’s insignia or a passage that resonates with your young members.

Tweet Up and Meet Up

Want to have fun and build some community among your youth group members?  Use social media like Twitter and Facebook to announce events and bring groups together. Whether you’re planning something whacky and joyful like a Christian flash mob, or a spontaneous prayer group or bible study, you’ll get the attention of your demographic by communicating on their terms.

If you need to keep these events more structured, event wristbands are a great way to help you manage your event and your guests.

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