Love and Printing: Your Wedding Program


Event Brochures for Seamless Ceremonies

No two weddings are the same. Each is as unique as the individuals who come together for the purpose of marriage. Some are traditional and religious, some are light and airy. If you’re planning a big ceremony, more than likely, you’ll have a number of guests from different backgrounds with differing expectations attending your ceremony. Designing the right event program for the occasion will help set the tone for your guests and guide them through the service. Custom pamphlets allow you to convey the personality of the couple as well as inform the guests about the proceedings. Easy to design and customize, event programs are an essential to the management of the ceremony and guests expectations.

Who’s in the Party?

If you’re planning a large ceremony, the wedding program is the ideal place to introduce members of the party to the guests. The program provides a place for the couple to acknowledge the bridesmaids, groomsmen, family members, officiants and other individuals participating.

The special event brochure also provides a good place to publicly thank members of the bridal party who have contributed their time and energy to make the couple’s big day possible.

Order of Events

The custom designed and printed event program provides guests with a guide to the ceremony. This booklet provides a schedule of events that the guests can follow throughout the program. From the moment the bride crosses the threshold of the venue, through various aspects of the ceremony, to the receiving line and the reception following the big event, the wedding program provides an important touchstone.

Religious Ceremonies

If the bride and groom choose a religious ceremony, the program can help explain particular aspects of the ceremony to a diverse crowd of guests. A couple holding a traditional Catholic or Jewish wedding might use the event brochure as an opportunity to describe important  aspects of their faith as they pertain to the wedding ceremony.

New Traditions

Additionally, if the bride and groom plan to incorporate a more secular tradition into their ceremony, the event pamphlet can be a place to describe its meaning. The wedding program can include information on the meaning of a unity ceremony such as a candle ceremony or sand ceremony meant to bring blended families together.

Get Me to the Reception on Time

Not only can the wedding brochure include information about the main event, it can also include post wedding events such as the reception or wedding brunch. The bride and groom may choose to include a map to the reception or information about gift giving and donations in the wedding brochure.


A custom printed wedding program can be an excellent keepsake for attendees. The bride and groom might consider including their engagement photos in the design, so that guests have an image to take with them once the big day is over. Wedding event brochures may find their way into photo albums and memory books.

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