Print Wristbands: Make Money!


Host the Most Successful Fundraiser Ever With Custom Event Wristbands

How many times has your organization found itself in need of fundraising? When your operating budget is simply more than you are bringing in or you want to make sure there will be money for next year’s initiatives, you may consider hosting an event to bring in a much needed cash infusion. An event paired with an auction or raffle can be a great way to have fun, rally your stakeholders, raise awareness, and fill your coffers. Event collateral including tickets and custom printed wristbands are essential for this type of fundraising.

Get them at the door

You’ve planned a big event. Your campaign was successful, and you expect a lot of guests. Whether you are hosting a charity gala, auction, dinner or concert, you can manage your attendees with event wristbands. Make sure to slip a Dupont Tyvek wristband around the wrists of your invited or paying folks as they enter your venue.

These wristbands will help to keep your event secure, by indicating in an easily identifiable way that individuals are supposed to be there. If you are serving alcohol at your event, colored wristbands will also help you serve the right folks. You’ll have one less thing to worry about and can focus even more on your cause.

For an event open to the public, you might consider placing special wristbands on individuals who have donated to your cause or charity. Different colored wristbands or ones with varying designs can indicate different levels of donors. Individuals at the event will be inspired to donate, and hopefully donate more, when they see others wearing these event wristbands.

Have a Wristband Raffle

Consider generating an even bigger buzz around your fundraiser with a wristband raffle. If all of your guests received event wristbands, you can hand out door prizes or have a raffle as part of the big event.

You might consider upping the ante and making the raffle itself the main event! You can easily sell wristbands as raffle tickets. Your attendees will be able to show off the fact that they donated to your cause, and they will have a chance to win a big prize, too.

Securely numbered wristbands are an excellent choice for this purpose because they remain with the wearer. They are non-transferable.  The winner needs only to show up and show off his or her wrist to claim the prize.

Durable and resilient, Tyvek wristbands can be printed on, so you can also show off the logo and information of your charity. Because they are wearing the wristband, your guests will be exposed to the branding of your organization throughout the event, making it something they won’t soon forget.

Win with Wristbands

Make event wristbands a central part of your fundraising event.  From crowd management to event security, getting your organization’s brand in front of your guests, to being a central part of the event itself, custom printed wristbands help to ensure the success of your next big fundraiser.

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