Riding for Veterans | Local MC’s Annual Benefit Event


Feeling the rumble of motorcycles as you roll down the road with the sun on your back all while helping veterans sounds like a great way to fundraise…and it is!

The Amvet Benefit Ride

In June, the Iron Patriots Motorcycle Club (IPMC) of Asheboro, North Carolina hosted their second annual Amvet Benefit Ride to raise funds for their local Amvet chapter. Elton East, Iron Patriots member and one of the fundraiser’s organizers, explained that, like himself, several members of their club are veterans, and doing something to actively help fellow vets in their community is near and dear to their hearts. The IPMC has teamed up with the Asheboro Amvets post because of all the work it does for homeless vets, including the provision of meals, clothing, sleeping bags, and assistance with finding jobs.

Cox’s Harley-Davidson of Asheboro participates in the ride, too—they host the event in their parking lot and promote it on their site as well as on social media.  Before participants roll out, there’s live music (Flat Black Cadillac and Seth Williams & Terry VunCannon played last June) and a hot dog cookout. Then there’s the  beautiful, hour-long scenic drive through the backroads of  Randolph County. All in all, it’s a fun day out for area folks who love to ride!

Benefit and Raffle Promotion

In the months leading up to the June event, Elton and the Asheboro Iron Patriots host a raffle, and the prize this year is a $500 gift card to a local gun shop. With a goal to earn $1,000 to cover event overhead and also benefit Amvets, the Iron Patriots ordered 100 raffle tickets from Eventgroove to sell for $10 each.  Last year, after purchasing hot dogs, drinks, and other event needs, the club had around $600 remaining that went straight toward their total donation after the ride.

At the ride itself, proceeds from the $10 bike participation fee along with sales of food, drink, t-shirts, and other items are added to the raffle earnings to create a sizable donation to Amvets. Last year, Elton said the weather was spectacular and 100 folks attended the ride, earning the Iron Patriots $2,400 in total from the raffle and event!

This year, Elton and the rest of the club are hoping to build on last year’s success and get an even greater turnout, which we’re sure they’ll achieve.  Elton tells us the ride and raffle will be promoted throughout the community via posters  by Amvets and by Cox’s Harley-Davidson of Asheboro on their site and Facebook page; the Iron Patriots will share the event on their social media to get the word out, as well!

Learning what good work our customers do on behalf of our nation’s veterans is always so amazing. Thank you to the IPMC for their efforts and for choosing Eventgroove!

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