Support your #GivingTuesday Crowdfunding Push with Printed Postcards!


#GivingTuesday is a social-media-fueled movement, which means there’ll be a deluge of InstagramTwitter, and Facebook posts leading up to and on November 30, 2021. So, how do you make your fundraiser stand out? Add custom-printed postcards to your #GivingTuesday social media strategy.

Why Custom-Printed Postcards Promoting GivingTuesday?

  • 34.8 million people participated in GivingTuesday 2020, and $2.47 billion was raised in the US alone. To make sure your cause gets maximum attention, you need to reach supporters in more ways than one. 
  •  46% of donors worldwide have not even heard of #GivingTuesday. It’s possible those folks are not on social media much (if at all) and haven’t heard about it through friends or the news. There’s also a genuine possibility that many of your cause’s donors make up that staggering 46%. 
  • On average, direct mail is kept in a household for 17 days. So, your #GivingTuesday postcard essentially will be hanging out, reminding everyone in the house to donate.

Not Convinced?

If that data doesn’t make you want to send (or hand out) custom-printed GivingTuesday postcards, try these on for size.

  • Engage supporters in an unexpected way: Remind those aware of GivingTuesday to join your organization for the event. Simultaneously, those who aren’t aware will be inspired to participate and visit your crowdfunding page.
  • Gain new supporters: The great thing about postcards is that you can hand them out, leave them with businesses, and give them to staff to distribute. Keep some handy to mail out to anyone who may not be on your list. 
  • Keep your cause top of mind: The moment they receive it in the mail, supporters are reminded of your cause. That’s especially helpful on the cusp of the holiday season!
  • A soft ask: While your GivingTuesday postcard will have a QR code or URL so people may donate, it isn’t a hard donation request. Think of it as an invitation to participate, even if that’s in the form of resharing your social media posts.  

GivingTuesday Postcard Tips

  • Make sure your brand is clear by including your organization’s logo.
  • Include a QR code that directs recipients to your crowdfunding page. Alternatively, include the URL, but use a shortener to make it easy for people to type into their device’s browser. 
  • Invite recipients to join you on social media and ask them to help amplify your GivingTuesday campaign!

Hungry for more GivingTuesday tips and information? Read our article How to Create a Great GivingTuesday Crowdfunding Campaign and review our GivingTuesday Primer. You can also start building your GivingTuesday crowdfunding campaign using our fundraising platform—there’s zero cost for organizers

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