Tyvek Wristbands: Breakout Fashion


Event Wristbands for the Memories

Anyone who has been to a concert has encountered souvenir stands where clothing, posters, buttons, stickers, and more are sold to eager fans. These stands and kiosks are ubiquitous at every event venue. We all know concert and festival goers aren’t just there for the show. They want to take the experience with them. From T-shirts emblazoned with the logos of their favorite bands, to the event wristbands slipped on their arms as they passed through the gates of the venue, guests prize paraphernalia that proves they’ve been there.

Tyvek and vinyl wristbands allow you to manage your guests and reward them at the same time. Used in conjunction with event tickets or on their own, these handy crowd management tools allow you to keep track of guests’ coming and going, monitor appropriate alcohol consumption, keep an eye on concessions, and manage the flow of attendees into and out of special events and back stage. Perfect for multi-day events, wristbands can free guests from having to hold onto paper tickets, which might be damaged or lost after their initial use.

Wristbands serve another important function for your guests. Durable, secure and easy to customize, event wristbands make a fun fashion statement. Adorned with your custom design, they look great at the venue and can double as bracelets once the show is over.  Today’s concert wristband is tomorrow’s trendy accessory!

Of course, you’ll want to help guests preserve the integrity of their event wristbands, so they can continue to wear them in the days following your event. Here are a few tips to help maximize this collateral:

  • Tyvek wristbands are strong! The material, manufactured by DuPontâ„¢, is resilient like plastic, yet comfortable like fabric.
  • Wristbands should be loose enough to be comfortably worn, but not so loose they can slip off and be lost or transferred.
  • Feel free to move! These event wristbands are waterproof, so guests can work up a sweat on the dance floor or in the mosh pit. And they’re perfect for outdoor events, rain or shine.
  • Guests want to make a bold fashion statement, and you want your event to be remembered for a long time. Choose a highly visible logo that wearers will be proud to sport.
  • Got environmentally minded guests? No problem! They can make their own statement by recycling Tyvek wristbands at the end of the show.

Your next event is sure to be the source of great memories for all of your attendees. Help get them started making those memories the moment they step through the turnstiles. A colorful, custom wristband might become the most cherished souvenir of the moment and serve as a cool body ornament later on.

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