Unconventional Raffle Prize Ideas


Want a Unique Event with Tons of Buzz? Offer Unconventional Raffle Prizes!

There are a lot of go-to prizes when it comes to raffles and fundraisers. Gift cards and gift certificates are great prizes, but these kinds of prizes might not be good enough for you if you want your raffle to stand out as much as possible. That’s where unconventional prizing comes into play. The world is your oyster when it comes to unconventional raffle prizes, but here are four suggestions to help get you started.

Unique “cakes”: If you don’t want to give away the standard gift basket, there’s another way you can provide a prize that has lots of covetable goodies and gives a huge wow factor. Assemble your prizes in the shape of a tiered cake, and you’ll have a prize that’s also a fantastic centerpiece. Inspiration for these kinds of “cakes” can be found on Pinterest. Any prize pack with any theme can be turned into a “cake,” from school supplies to kitchen utensils and food items!

Holiday-specific prizes: If your event happens to fall on a holiday or is planned around a holiday, create prizes that encapsulate the festive feeling! If you have a Halloween-themed event, give away a collection of vintage monster movies. Winter holiday raffles can have tickets to The Nutcracker, a Hanukkah dinner starter kit, or a basket full of traditional African ingredients for Kwanzaa.

Professional niche services: If you want to provide unique prizes and promote your community, try offering certificates that allow guests to receive free niche services of local small business professionals. Prizes could range from a consultation and services from a resume writer or a two hour session and portraits from a budding photographer.

Subscription site gifts: There are tons of niche subscription sites that provide its customers with unique food, clothes, makeup and more. You could give your event attendees to experience the feeling of a monthly surprise by auction a paid-for subscription to one of these services. The winner will remember you and the event for months to come, especially since every month, they’ll receive a reminder in the shape of fun goodies.


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