What March Madness Can Teach The Print Business


Beginning with 16 games a day and culminating in one hard-won matchup, both the intensity and stakes of March Madness are high.  What it takes to advance and triumph in that environment has a lot to teach us about how to succeed in the print business:

Inspire Loyal, Vocal Fans

College basketball fans are extra-enthusiastic. They cheer on their team and players all through the games and well beyond graduation. These are exactly the kinds of fans you want for your business – folks who will write rave reviews, turn to you when they have projects, and spread the word about your company.  Everything you do, from customer service to product offerings to marketing, should be about cultivating relationships and serving your clients.   

Create A Narrative

Turn on the TV and throughout the tournament, you’ll hear moving, inspirational stories about the various teams and players.  Establishing this connection heightens the experience and engages fans. Help your customers relate to your business by sharing its history and perspective through a company biography. Use that story to influence your communication across all media.

Be Nimble

On the court, players must be able to pivot in traffic and cut on a dime. Over-thinking about how things have been in the past or how you would like them to be prevents you from dealing with what is happening now.  Yes, the internet and social media have affected the print business, but they have opened up new doors, too. Focus on how to play the game now and you’ll move forward.

Mental Toughness

None of the teams or coaches make it far without being resilient. Despite defeats and setbacks, they keep trying to be the best. Losses and mistakes happen to the best of us, so learn from them and then put them behind you. Occasional failure is all part of the game, and those who keep moving (and have a great support system) will live to play another day.

Remember, you can always count on Eventgroove and our vast selection of print collateral to help you serve your customers and build your business!

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