How to Design Great Event Tickets


How to Design Great Event and Raffle Tickets

Wondering what the standard ticket size is, the dimensions of a raffle ticket, or how to create a great-looking, effective design? You’ve come to the right place!

Since 1997, Eventgroove (formerly has printed custom tickets for millions of happy customers! And we know one thing for sure—though small in size, tickets have a significant impact on your event. Unique tickets that present event details help crowd flow, organize attendees, enable event reentry, and build brand recognition. They can even act as mementos—a lot of people will hang on to their ticket stubs as a way to remember a wonderful time. 

The following is some helpful information to help you create just the right ticket design for your big event:

What are standard ticket dimensions?

Information you need to include and the look you want to achieve influence ticket size, so there is no real hard and fast rule for what size a ticket should be. We’ve had more than one customer order large VIP-style passes as tickets to their event! However, some dimensions are more common than others:

  • Raffle tickets with stubs are commonly 5.63″ x 1.97″, with the detachable portion measuring 1.87″.
  • Event tickets with stubs are typically 1.97″ x 5.63″. The dimensions of their easy-to-tear-off stubs are 1.875″.
  • The most common size of stubless ticket we see purchased at Eventgroove is 5.5″ x 2.125″.

Should my tickets be landscape or portrait?

As you organize your event details, decide if you want a ticket with landscape or portrait orientation. A few pointers:

  • For short pieces of information (such as time, date, and venue), a ticket with portrait orientation is the way to go.
  • In cases where there are 5-10 lines with lots of information per line, landscape may be the best choice.

Pro tip: Consider whether you’d like to add a logo or other image—this can also determine whether a portrait or landscape ticket is best.

What event details should I include on my event ticket?

What your ticket communicates is just as important as how it looks! Ensure your ticket is impactful using the following tips:

  • Make the most important information the most visible. In most cases, this will be the event name. This data should be placed in a larger font and be easy to find on the ticket.
  • Use font colors and styles that create a contrast between the text and the background. Otherwise, the info will get lost or be difficult to read.
  • Be sure to leave some empty space on your ticket. Space without text will add balance to the ticket and make it more attractive and easier to read. Think about art in a gallery—the right amount of blank space makes the artwork stand out!
  • In the case of raffle tickets, leave blanks on the stub for contact information. Generally, people need at least 0.25 inches of space in which to write comfortably.

Event ticket design tools

Making custom tickets using creative software is wonderful…if you possess graphic design skills. But then there’s printing them, which can be a hassle to do on your home or office printer. Luckily, there are lots of options for those among us who aren’t ticket design pros! 

  • Premade ticket templates (browse our thousands of unique event ticket template designs and raffle ticket templates here) are the easiest way to create professional tickets for your big event. They come with all sorts of design elements, text boxes, and even image upload spots built in and ready to personalize! From there, your custom tickets are professionally printed on sturdy card stock and shipped to your door. If you’re worried about timing, know that Eventgroove turns custom ticket orders around in one business day (and there’s a customer satisfaction guarantee with every order!).
  • An online ticket maker is another way to design tickets for your event. For instance, our online editor tool and blank design template make starting from scratch easy—it’s packed with all the design elements you could imagine (including QR codes, colors, fonts, backgrounds, and text boxes). All you need to do is arrange the layout! From there, we’ll print your stunning tickets and ship them in a flash.

Pro tip: As you create, remember that these tickets should reflect the event’s personality while also conveying important information guests need.

Armed with the above tips and resources as well as your creativity, designing stunning tickets will be a snap! Need inspiration or a little help in the form of a design template? Check out our range of themed, professionally designed templates, or get ideas from planners just like you on our blog.

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