3 Days of Peace, Music, and Multi-Day Event Wristbands


Whether a music festival, a week-long athletic competition, or a company-wide event, big events are enormous fun. They can also cause big problems! To keep things safe, organized and deter gatecrashers, you’re going to need a way to control access.

The solution?

Quality Waterproof Multi-Day Event Wristbands

Wristbands are an efficient way for you to identify guests, especially for an event that spans several days. After all, it’s hard to lose your admission when it is wrapped around your wrist! To that end, you need soft, flexible, and waterproof, like Tyvek wristbands, cloth wristbands, or vinyl wristbands.

Why Wristbands Rock 

Sort Out Access 

Have VIP tents? Tiers of entry ranging from food and beverage included or campers to general admission? How about a crowd of under 21s you want to keep away from alcohol?

Use color-coded wristbands to denote who has access to what by assigning distinct colors to your various attendee groups (including staff and press). For example, a gold wristband could mean unlimited access to all parts of the event, including meals, swimming pools, and so forth. A green wristband could denote no-frills general admission. Blue wristbands could be assigned to those camping on the grounds.

Manage Event Spaces

At company events, writers conferences, and even during freshman orientation, where the venue is accessible by the public, colored wristbands can be a game-changer. In a glace, participants can identify each other and ensure they end up in the right place. For instance, you could offer sales representatives green wristbands that denote access to all the panels about sales and marketing, while the I.T. team gets blue wristbands for technology panels. Likewise, your vice presidents and higher-ups can have access to all meetings. You can further ensure order by color-coding the rooms, speakers, or panels themselves so that your employees know at a glance if they’re in the right place because their wristbands will match.

Also, consider your event’s available services as you determine points of access. For example, will there be private parties on some nights or receptions for certain levels of management? What about multiple dining options or optional day trips?  

Staying Power

Since participants will be wearing them for several days, getting waterproof, easy-to-wear wristbands is critical. Tyvek is the material of choice for high-quality paper wristbands. It’s tough like plastic and so comfortable your guests will forget they’re wearing it. Cloth wristbands are also a great option!

Great for Kids and Under 21s

 Keep teens and kids away from adult beverages and in areas geared toward them! Use under-21 wristbands for older teens, and designate a color wristband for the under-12s. As an added benefit, kids’ wristbands can help your staff determine where lost children belong if any should happen to wander away.

If you’d like help creating a custom wristband plan for your event, give our friendly customer service team a call! They’ll be happy to help.

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