3 Types of Security Wristbands and Why Your Event Needs Them


Know what’s a bummer? Gatecrashers, especially after you’ve put so much work into organizing a great event experience. To add insult to injury, gatecrashers affect your bottom line and present a security risk. The solution? Security wristbands.

Why wristbands are a great idea for any event

Wristbands are super easy to spot on the wrists of paying guests. If someone queuing up doesn’t have one, they haven’t paid and should march over to the box office and pay for admittance.

Once guests enter your concert or multi-day event, holding onto tickets and ticket stubs isn’t easy. Enjoying the music, food, and general goings-on is the only thing on their minds, not remembering where their ticket stub is! Security wristbands solve that problem, too. Evidence of ticket purchase is wrapped securely around their wrists. Thus, no one can claim they’ve lost their ticket or stub!

Finally, event wristbands can do double duty for festivals serving alcohol. Order some in one color or design for the under-21 crowd and another for those who are legal to imbibe. Similarly, you can order different colors to indicate VIPs, members of the press, or event staff.

Top 3 Security Wristbands 

Hologram wristbands

Made from durable Tyvek® , these wristbands have strategically placed holograms. The holograms themselves are tamper-proof, and the wristbands are non-tearing, making them extremely secure.  Event staff will find them easy to spot, and you can have your hologram wristbands custom printed with your event’s design and logo.

Stub wristbands

These wristbands are extremely versatile. The uniquely numbered, detachable stubs have all sorts of applications, including entry into a raffle, or even to redeem for food or drinks. What’s really great is once the stub has been used to enter a raffle, guests will never lose the other half because it’s on their wrist! Printed on Tyvek®, stub wristbands are lightweight, comfortable to wear, and non-tearing. Plus, they come in almost every color of the rainbow so you can distinguish between artists, press, VIPs, and general fans.

Vinyl wristbands

You won’t have to worry about these being torn or destroyed by guests moshing in a muddy field!  Our vinyl wristbands are available in a waterproof option, perfect for a music festival or multi-day event. The added bonus is that  vinyl wristbands enable a cleaner print of your text and image and affix to guests’ wrists via an adhesive closure. In other words, vinyl wristbands look great and are difficult to fake!

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