4 Reasons Why Your Youth Sports Team Needs Event Badges


When your youth sports team is competing away from home, keeping track of everyone is essential. The last thing you want is someone getting lost or hurt. Or what if your group acquires a straggler from a team not your own? You’d probably like to know about the new kid ASAP so you can organize a return. That’s where event badges can help.

How Event Badges Increase Security at Youth Sports Tournaments

Identify kids in one glance

During the tournament, it’s not possible to constantly call out the name of every kid to make sure they are still there. Not only would doing so be exhausting, but it’s unlikely your voice will hold up! Instead, order custom-printed, all-weather event badges with your team’s logo, each kid’s name, and a way to reach the coach. That way, you and your volunteers can efficiently spot team members in a glance.

Identify yourself 

When you order badges, make sure you order some for the coaches and volunteers. Sure, you’ll be wearing a t-shirt and hoodie branded to your team, but an event badge on a lanyard adds another “I’m here!” layer.  Follow the same protocol as the sports event ID badges your players wear.

One of these is not like the others

Printing event badges for each child on your team to wear will help decrease the risk of losing track of any team member. You will also be able to quickly notice if someone who doesn’t belong joins the crew. They will, of course, look unfamiliar and be missing your own team’s ID badge. Hopefully, they’ll be wearing their own team’s badge, making their coach or parent easier to find.

Return to sender

There also needs to be some means for lost kids to find their way back to you. Indeed, there are smartphones, but that’s not always appropriate or realistic. Not every child has access to one, and do you really want your youth team even more distracted by handheld tech? Your team’s sports event badge bearing your team’s logo, region, the kid’s name, and your contact information will ensure a speedy return into your fold.

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