5 Reasons to Wrap Your Wrists


Make it a Success! The Best Events Use Wristbands

Maybe you have been an event planner for years or maybe this is your first time planning a big event. From choosing the venue to getting the appropriate permits, lining up vendors, volunteers, staff, and service people, from finding entertainment to advertising and managing the crowds of people who will show up, you’ve got a lot to think about. Lighten the load when you use Tyvek wristbands to manage your attendees.

All the Colors of the Rainbow

Color code with custom wristbands to organize your big event. Veteran and new party planners alike can appreciate the importance of keeping things organized. This applies to all aspects of your event, especially your crowd. On event day, you want to be able to distinguish your guests from your vendors, staff, and volunteers.

Colorful Tyvek wristbands let you do this, by allowing you to quickly and efficiently separate your attendees. Simply place the appropriate event wristband on each attendee as he or she arrives at the gate and their roles at the event will be revealed.

When selling alcohol at your event, make sure to choose a highly visible and unmistakable colored wristband to mark your underage drinkers.  Your concession staff will thank you when they are able to move guests through the line with ease.

Brand it

You’ve put a huge amount of planning into the details of your event. Don’t let your guests forget who made it possible. Tyvek wristbands can be customized with your logo and information. Choose a memorable design that will stick with your attendees far into the future.

As if they could forget! The design will be stuck on them for the duration of the big day. Waterproof, durable, and non-transferable, event wristbands allow you to make sure your brand will never be out of your guests’ sight.

When you customize wristbands with your own unique design, you help to ensure guests identify your brand, but you also increase the security of your event.  Not any old wristband will do. Guests need to be wearing your event wristbands. A quick glance at their wrists can tell you whether they are meant to be there or not.

For Added Security

Custom wristbands can be individually numbered. They can also be printed with a unique holographic foil label that is very difficult to duplicate. In addition to choosing unique colors and a branded design, these features make it quick and easy to spot the genuine article anywhere in the crowd.

The Most Important Color

Green! Tyvek wristbands are recyclable, so no matter which colors you decide to print them in, you will lessen your impact on the environment. Guests can turn in their event wristbands at the end of the event and leave knowing that they have done something to reduce their footprint.

Make Event Wristbands a Part of your Plans

Choose custom printed wristbands as part of your event and make your crowd management simple.

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