5 Ways To Use Custom Event Badges That Don’t Involve Conferences


Custom event badges are awesome for conferences, conventions, and meetings (here’s a great example of them at work at Cal Hacks). They’re also excellent for things like workplace or campus security. But event badges are great for so much more than that! Their size and versatility lend them to all sorts of applications and may just be the solution to your next event.

Custom Event Badges As…

Press credentials: Members of the press aren’t just from major newspapers. There are bloggers, influencers, local papers, magazines — the list goes on! Even if your event isn’t enormous, formal IDs for the press make it easier for them to do their job. Plus, pre-printed and ready to go with your event’s branding leaves a professional impression. Pro tip: add the journalist’s name, publication name and logo, and a bar code for quick security scanning. 

Party favors: Bar crawls, bachelor and bachelorette parties, celebrations at amusement parks, actual parks…they all have one thing in common. Guests and non-guests are mixing and mingling. Give attendees cool, on-theme event badges so you can find each other and easily access whatever is on the event schedule. Pro tip: In the case of any alcohol-related bash, custom event badges help keep everyone organized. 

Ice breakers: Back-to-school activities, especially for first-year college students, can be daunting. How great would it be if everyone was wearing something that proclaimed their name, how they’d like to be addressed, major (or something unique about them)? It would make introductions so much easier!

Fun and games: Custom event badges can spice up any gathering. For instance, print everyone’s name but pass the IDs out randomly so that people must mix and mingle to find their correct tag. Or print badges with the names of superheroes, cartoon characters, or Hollywood stars; everyone gets a new identity for the night.

No matter how you use them, event badges in plastic or paper, worn with lanyards or bulldog clips, are fast, easy, and inexpensive to print, and are incredibly effective at their primary purpose: identification!

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