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How to Print a Successful Advertising Banner

Summer is finally here, and the shoppers, the cruisers, and people from all walks of life are out and about, enjoying themselves in the warm sun and taking advantage of the nice weather while it’s around. Now ask yourself, if these people can take advantage of the weather, why can’t I?

While everyone else is meandering about town, taking in the sights and mingling, you can be advertising. That’s right, and you can be advertising to the very same people who are out and about. All you have to do is print up large, custom banners, and post them in the most visual places around town as possible.

 7 Tips for Great Ad Banners

  • It’s a good idea to print outdoor banners bigger than indoor banners. If you already have an indoor banner or poster, you can use it as a template for your giant outdoor banner.
  • The format of your banner text should come down to what type of event you’re planning. Professional events could use more conservative text, but parties might add flashier text.
  • Design your banner with your theme in mind – campaign or protest banners that use short but bold messages tend to strike the reader at first glance.
  • Keep it simple. You want to capture attention, but don’t blind anyone! You could even print banners for a simple public notice. A cost effective yet informative way to spread the word.
  • Include elements that are striking and colorful. For example, upload a great product photo or a collage of your products, a main headline, product description, and a solid company identifier.
  • Use color to your advantage. Interesting, bright colors are a good idea to use for full color photographs. Company logos, headlines and special offers should jump out at the reader.
  • Create your image and develop your brand by using your imagination. Effective copy often increases graphic impact with reverse text, but you want to make sure people can easily read your banner from a distance.

Keep in mind that you should balance the color scheme for your custom banner in a way that retains the wording of the text so it doesn’t get lost in the background. You want to make sure people a) see the banner, but they also need to b) read the banner!

With these 7 tips in mind, you can print your way to excellent advertising.

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