How Event Wristbands Help Create Memories


Event wristband reminders

While planning the actual event is important, it’s just as important to consider what happens afterward. Helping your guests create positive memories is necessary to growing your event over time, and event wristbands can be part of those memories.

Start with your Event

What keeps your guests buying event tickets year after year? First and foremost, you know how to put on a great occasion! It’s well-planned and well-executed, for a worthy cause, and provides your guests with the opportunity to create memories will last forever.

Guests who return have strong associations with your event.  It’s already special to them. Perhaps a married couple wearing your carnival wristbands at this year’s celebration met on your midway at a past one, and they return to reclaim the happy feeling of that day and to collect a new wristband to add to their memory book. Maybe your neighborhood picnic has become someone’s family tradition or your annual art fair has become a festive occasion the whole community looks forward to and plans around. Last year’s wristband may remind them to buy this year’s tickets.

New attendees are experiencing your annual fundraising event for the first time. They may already feel strongly about your cause, but it’s just as likely they were drawn to your event not by the cause but by the activities you have to offer.  Maybe they don’t know much about the women’s shelter you’re fundraiser is benefiting, but you’ve booked a band they really want to see. Your goal is to show them a great time that they will connect with your charity in the years that follow. From the moment they don their admission wristbands and walk through the gates, you have their attention. Make good use of it!

Provide Opportunities for Memories

Don’t miss any opportunity to help your guests create strong, lasting memories.  From the moment you plan your promotion through the day of your event, you can lay the groundwork to keep your cause in your guest’s hearts and minds through the months and years to come. Every time and in every way you interact with your patrons you sculpt how they perceive your cause.

Start by choosing collateral appropriate to your audience. The right images and language can draw the attention of your patrons and sustain it for a long time. Before your fundraiser, you can advertise using well-designed posters and flyers or direct mailers such as invitations and postcards.  During your event maintain the same branding on your tickets, admission wristbands, and other collateral.

Custom tickets work well for crowd management, but custom event wristbands are also quite useful. Patrons wear these from the moment they walk through your gate until after they leave. Different color wristbands can help you quickly discern the ages of guests for drink concessions or tell who has access to which activities. Most importantly they serve as constant reminders for the guest themselves. They need only to catch a glimpse of their wrists to remember the reason for the day. When they leave the event, admission wristbands can also be the cause of conversation and questions helping you drum up interest in your cause by word of mouth.

Something to Hold Onto

After your fundraising event, your guests will be left with many strong memories of the time they spent there. The collateral they take with them can help serve as a reminder of your day. Along with the pictures they might take, your guests will also have your branded tickets and event wristbands to help evoke a sense of nostalgia. When these are branded with the design of your event, they become souvenirs of the wonderful time they had and reminders of the cause you hope to promote.

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