Absolutely the Best Way to Keep Kids Stuck on Your Event


Stickers for Kids: Fun for the Young

When you host your next big event, don’t forget your younger attendees. Whether you’ve booked teen sensation Justin Bieber, plan on screening the newest Twilight movie, or are hosting a local battle of the bands, your tween and teen guests may be among the most enthusiastic and important in the crowd. Win their loyalty, and you’ll have a core group of potential attendees to promote to as they grow.

Whether they bring home a coveted T-shirt or poster or hold onto concert wristbands as keepsakes, many kids and teens like to have something physical that they can show off to friends and family that proves they’ve been there and done that!  Young people love to collect. It pays to help them in their efforts.

Custom printed stickers are a great option when you are catering to the younger set. Whether they end up decorating the base of a teen’s skateboard decks or the stickers get tucked away neatly into a memory book next to tickets and photos of the big event, custom stickers are doing their job long after the day is over. Your logo goes with your tween and teen audience, creating a brand recognition and affinity that was definitely worth the cost of printing.

Vinyl stickers are durable, waterproof, and fade resistant, so they will stand up to a little showing off. Whether event stickers get passed around as part of a story told between friends or find space on a notebook cover or folder, you will want them to last so that the memory of the event lasts with it.

In order to ensure that coveted place somewhere amidst your teen fans’ paraphernalia, you will want to choose a design that is attractive to them. You can create custom stickers that include the logo of your organization, the event itself, or create stickers for individual performers. Make sure each sticker includes a web address as well, so guests can find out more information about the organization, event or bands after the show.

Having a number of different custom printed stickers available at a particular event can also provide some distraction for your teen guests. Interested in having one of each to grace their albums, your younger guests can make a game of collecting all of the custom stickers available at your concert or festival. If money is an issue, you can even choose inexpensive economy stickers, so you get more stickers for less money.

Teenagers can be the most vocal and fervent of all your attendees. With a little buzz and some smart promotional work, invested teens can raise the level of excitement surrounding any event and its performers. Anyone who has heard the words “Bieber Fever” or “Twi-hard” can attest to this and knows the importance of winning this key crowd to their cause. Your tween and teen attendees can make your event a success, so don’t forget them in the planning stages.

Custom vinyl stickers geared to this demographic are an excellent choice when it comes to choosing the right promotional materials for your cause.

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