What American Idol Contestants Can Teach You About Pitching Prospective Clients…And Keeping Them


A new season of American Idol is in full swing, and we have to say we’re hooked! Harry Connick, Jr., Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban are great judges and the singing we’ve seen this year has been impressive.  However, while watching each contestant perform, two things become abundantly clear: talent only takes you so far, and pitching your business to a prospective client is just like trying out for American Idol…minus the brush with celebrity.

The next time you’re pitching a prospective client, use these tips to earn your golden ticket:

  • Gimmicks Don’t Work.  Every time someone dressed in a costume walks onto the audition floor, the judges exchange looks and you can almost sense viewers across the United States preparing for a cringe-fest. Resorting to bells and whistles in this competitive market is tempting but it won’t earn you a new client.  Rely instead on your professionalism and experience, and work with vendors you can trust to deliver a spectacular event.  Our vast array of high-quality VIP passes, event tickets, wristbands and posters all can be delivered in a flash, which means you’ll always be able to meet your customers’ needs.


  • Know The Lyrics. It’s hard to take contestants seriously when they forget the words to a song.  Similarly, few things detract more from a first impression than fumbling to describe what makes your event planning firm the one to hire.  Hone your elevator pitch until you can recite it in your sleep and always keep a few pristine business cards handy.


  • Be Engaging But Professional: Things get awkward real quick when an Idol hopeful is super intense or clueless to how their behavior is affecting the judges. Passion and enthusiasm are exactly what’s needed to stand out, but don’t let that blind you to your audience’s cues.  Instead, ask a lot of questions and do even more listening. Figure out what the person you’re speaking with needs, and then concisely outline how your company can deliver. And, always remember you can count on us to help you look good! As a Eventgroove partner, you benefit from a 15% discount on everything from our event tickets to custom-designed QR code posters.


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