Band Together for a Cause with Awareness Wristbands



You need an effective, affordable way to get the word out about your cause. Word of mouth is a good start- it’s free and it’s insanely effective. But you need some pizzazz to attract a wider range of supporters within the community. Something that will stand out. The goal is to draw people’s attention to the cause you support and invite them to support it with you.

Print Awareness Wristbands

Promote your cause easily and stay within budget by printing custom wristbands. Print wristbands in any color or design for you and your supporters to wear around town to show others how important the cause is. You can raise awareness for a cause at any time or place with wristbands.

When printing wristbands, it helps to choose a bright or bold color that people can easily associate with your cause.

Help Spread The Word

If you want to plan an event to raise awareness for a cause, you can print event wristbands for each person who attends your event to wear. Tyvek® Wristbands are durable, waterproof, and are printed with high-quality ink. This leaves attendees with a nice piece of memorabilia to take with them that will remind them of the cause they supported by attending.

Encourage people to keep their wristbands on for a day or two after the event is over, so they can proudly show off their support for the cause. Have them share photos on social media with a hashtag of your organization and the cause they are supporting. Other members of the community will see these wristbands, and that will prompt them to support your cause, too.

3 Most Popular Causes to Support

breast cancer awareness

military support awareness

drug prevention awareness

Wristbands are simple to print, inexpensive to order, and comfortable to wear. They are made out of Tyvek®, a flexible paper-like plastic material that is easy to secure on anyone’s wrist quickly. People will take notice when they see unique and bold wristbands supporting the cause that really matters.


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