Barberik Society’s Hip Hop Habits


Long Beach, CA, welcomes Barberik Society’s Hip Hop Habits

Rap and hip-hop fans at Que Sera, a dive bar in Long Beach, CA were treated to a night full of underground rap music. Barberik Society’s Hip Hop Habits was described as “a big deal…ringing the art of ip-hop back.” The main draw of the event were hip-hop act The Trials, but other rap groups and DJs were on hand as well.


Phillip Jackson, the organizer of the event (and person behind The Trials), wrote that the event was reminiscent of another showcase that gave him his start. “The event was a test run at a new location in which I held another one of my early career showcases where I gave to local to open the stage for myself as the main attraction.”

The rap scene in Long Beach runs deep; Long Beach’s “Eastside” neighborhood is the starting ground for many legendary rappers, like Snoop Dogg, Warren G, Tray Deee, Nate Dogg, Tha Eastsidaz and tons more. So it only makes sense that Hip Hop Habits would be attractive to music fans who are looking for the new rap sound. So how did Jackson get the audience?

“Social media, social media, and social media,” wrote Jackson. Jackson wrote that he also used the pre-sale method as well, but, as he wrote, he believed his social media following would provide bigger results. It seems like his hunch was right. “It went extremely well,” wrote Jackson. “All showed up, the sound was right, the audience participated, and best of all the bar did well!”

The big surprise for the audience was that there was also an opportunity for them to win a prize. “Attendees were unaware as we took ticket stubs at the door that they were entering a drawing for one of my Barberik Society’s custom tee shirts,” he wrote. “So before the last set I tell from the response that they were shocked to see there was more to it besides live performances.”

Are you preparing your own music showcase? Jackson wrote to get your date set early. “Timing is everything,” he wrote. “The event should be set to launch a month prior to the show date; things run much smoother and a bigger is bound to attend!” 




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