Bring World Travel to your Next Event


The summer vacation season is coming to a close. There’s still time to do some traveling, but how about creating an event that brings the exotic locales to you? If you’re working on an event that will give event-goers a taste of a far-off place, check out these cool tickets.

What better ticket to use than the aptly-named “World Travel” Event Ticket? The ticket is bright with a blue sky and is decorated with a collage of historic world landmarks, such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, Big Ben, and others, as well as two soaring planes taking passengers off to their fun destinations. The perforated stub is in gold and dark blue. The ticket has ample space for event information in both the main ticket body and the perforated stub. The tickets are also individually numbered.


Las Vegas is a place that has been used as a theme for many events, and if your event is planning on cashing in on the allure of Sin City, then check out our “Casino Night” Event Ticket, one of several Las Vegas-themed tickets. The ticket has a black background in stark contrast to the bright lights of a casino’s marquee. The ticket has a perforated stub and is individually numbered. The ticket has tons of space for all of your event’s information.

Another Vegas-themed ticket that you might like is our “Las Vegas Casino” Event Ticket. The ticket features Las Vegas’ famous welcome sign amid a black background. There’s ample space for you to place your event’s location and information on these individually numbered tickets.  Even better, this ticket has a matching event kit, making it easy for you to throw a Vegas-themed party.

Paris is another place that has been the muse for themed parties. If you want some of the Parisian lifestyle at your event, check out our “Paris Pink and Black” General Admission Ticket. The ticket is in a glitzy pink with the dark gray silhouette of the Eiffel Tower toward the edge. The perforated stub is separated with a white lace print and the stub itself has a gray silhouette of  the Eiffel Tower in front of a darker gray background. There’s space for your event’s information as well as an image.

Does your event take its theme from the tropics? You might want to use our “Palm Tree” Ticket. The ticket is individually numbered and uses a tropical template, including a clear blue ocean, blue sky with clouds, and of course, a tall palm tree.

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