NDYCA Raises Funds for Cheerleading Uniforms


Wondering how to raise money for cheerleading uniforms?

Take your cue from the New Diana Youth Cheer Association (NDYCA), who are in the midst of attacking the crowd with their fundraising efforts!

The NDYCA Eagles call the east Texas town of Diana home, and, according to Cheri, president of the cheerleading association and co-coach one of the squads, sports are BIG in their area. Every town has a little league for almost every sport, including football. So, of course there are cheerleaders!

Ranging in age from kindergarten to 6th grade, the Eagles spend their weekdays going to school and practice and their weekends (during the season) cheering on their little league football team. They’re currently preparing for fall and need new uniforms, pom-poms, accessories, and decorations, all of which can be quite expensive—cheer uniforms for the girls cost the same as those for high schoolers! Plus, the Eagles participate in the annual Yamboree parade, and the team is hoping to win a trophy for their float this year.

Mid-summer also happens to be when most parents start buying back-to-school clothes and supplies, which adds to the costs. NDYCA has held bake sales to help defray expenses in the past, and this year they’ve added a raffle through which they hope to raise $5,000. Not only is the raffle another way for the Eagles to raise money, but, explained Cheri, it enables the team to really contribute. Though the girls help prepare items for the bake sale, it’s largely the moms, grandmoms, and aunts who do most of the baking and selling. With a raffle, the girls can get out there and sell tickets to raise cheerleading uniforms themselves. So far, they’re doing an all-star job!

Cheerleading Team Fundraising Tips

  1. The supermarket is a great place to fundraise. Cheri and her daughter have had success heading to their local grocery and shopping centers on the weekends. Cheri’s daughter is adorable in her uniform—hardly anyone can resist buying one of their $5 tickets!
  2. Choose a coveted raffle prize. It doesn’t have to be fancy! Since almost everyone in Diana spends lots of time watching and participating in sports, the NDYCA cheerleaders are offering a much-desired YETI Cooler as their raffle prize.
  3. Cheri says she’s super happy with the raffle tickets she chose on Eventgroove. After choosing a ticket template, she customized it to make it her own. The professional look and feel of her tickets are helping to further the NDYCA cause.
  4. Advertise your fundraiser on Facebook. The NDYCA Eagles have been using social media to spread the word about their raffle and bake sale to positive effect.

A big thanks to the Eagles and Cheri for choosing Eventgroove. We hope you surpass your goals, win the trophy for best Yamboree float, and have an amazing season!

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