Does Your Event Feature These 4 Security Tactics?


Smart New Security Options for Event Tickets

For event planners everywhere, printing event tickets is not a new idea. When it comes to many events, whether you’ve invited twenty people or two thousand, event tickets are a common way to keep track of all your attendees and prevent people from sneaking in un-invited.

While printing event tickets is a common theme for many events, finding the right event tickets that include security options may be something new to you. However, these new security options might be just the key you’re looking for to keep your event secure.

With that in mind, here we identify four new security options that will help increase security at any event.

1.     Microtext Security Image Logo: The best thing about this security option is that it’s completely FREE! Include a security image on the back of each event ticket that includes microtext just below the logo. Microtext is useful because it is very difficult to duplicate.

 2.     Hologram Security Feature: Add a hologram to the back of each of your event tickets to increase security and prevent ticket fraud. The hologram feature is placed over the perforated line connecting the ticket to the stub, and is easy to recognize when tampered with.

3.     Glossmarks Security Feature: Separate from the images and text on the back of your event tickets, glossmarks are a smart way to heighten security and decrease the potential for ticket fraud. These dotted lines are transparent, but can be seen simply by moving the ticket.

 4.     Unique Barcode and Number: Completely FREE of charge, a unique number and barcode are included on the back of every event ticket.

As the barcode is printed in Code93 format, it comes ready to scan by most barcode scanners. To ensure fraud prevention on every ticket, these barcodes and numbers cannot be removed.

Free (and Cheap) Event Security

You can choose to include as many of these new ticket security options as you want on your event tickets. In addition, you can print event tickets without these security options (although we’re not sure WHY you’d want to do that!).

Since 2 out of 4 of these new security features are 100% FREE, and the other two cost only one cent per ticket, there’s no reason not to include them.

You’ll be increasing security at your event and preventing ticket fraud simply by checking the boxes of your desired ticket security features. It’s not only simple, it’s secure.

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