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Event Wristbands and Environmental Responsibility

Big events can have real, noticeable impacts on their immediate environment. From tramped-down foliage to leftover litter and tons of waste left behind once the fun is over, it’s often easy to see the real consequences that occur when a large group of folks shares a small space together.

These days, it’s hip to be green! Not only does it benefit the planet to make your events more sustainable, but it may also benefit your attendance. By taking small steps, like using recyclable DuPont Tyvek to print Tyvek wristbands that help you manage guests or larger ones, like booking an eco-conscious venue for your next event, you can build a strong cache with your environmentally aware attendees.

When you’re ready to make an impact by making less of an impact, you can take some easy steps to green your venue and event.

Offset Ticket and Wristband Printing

Tickets and event wristbands are necessary for crowd management. They allow you to keep your event secure and make it easy to account for your attendees. Consider offsetting the perceived environmental costs of ticket printing by donating a small portion of your sales to an environmentally conscious cause. You can continue to use these essential event management tools, and your guests will feel great knowing that the event wristbands they wear are contributing to a movement they believe in.

Support Green Transportation

Encourage attendees to go carless. Give clear instructions on using public transportation. Help arrange carpools and shuttles. Consider a bike valet service. Guests can drop off their bikes with attendants at the entrance to the venue in exchange for a ticket or paper wristband that allows them to claim their non-carbon emitting chariots at the end of the show.

Green Crowd Management

Have folks register for the event online and pick up ticket and event wristbands at the gate. Tyvek wristbands are great for crowd control, allowing you to easily identify groups of guests from the outset. They’re simple to print on, so you can share your message or logo in bright bold colors. Best of all Tyvek wristbands are recyclable. Guests can wear these wristbands through the show and send them off for recycling and reuse once it’s over.

Contain your Containers

Concession waste from paper plates, to plastic ware and cups, is visually displeasing in the short-term and leads to long-term sustainability issues. For your green event, use compostable or biodegradable plates and cutlery.

Better yet, encourage guests to bring their own!  Give out special event wristbands to folks that enter the venue with reusable mugs and cups. Flashing the wristband can entitle them to discounts at concessions or enter them in a green giveaway raffle.

Go Greener!

Small changes to your event planning strategy allow you go greener and raise your event’s esteem in the eyes of your attendees. From effective use of paper tickets and plastic wristbands to fun promotions, you can easily put on a more sustainable event.

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