Everything on a Roll: Economize with Roll Tickets


Save Money and Economize Your Event with Roll Tickets

Almost everyone you know is on a budget these days. So, it comes as no big surprise that event-planners everywhere are constantly looking for new ways to save money, no matter what kind of event they plan to host. When you get down to the nitty gritty, event-planning is really about figuring out where you can spend the money, and precisely how much you want to spend.

Some events are so popular and well-publicized that Event Tickets literally sell themselves. Events that are extremely well promoted and don’t have big ticket pre-sale long before the doors open can really benefit from a simplified ticketing system.

Simplifying your ticketing system can help save you a lot of money in the long run.

If you’d rather spend money on entertainment to attract guests and save money on your tickets, selling Roll Tickets could be just the answer you’re looking for.

Versatile and Well-Versed

For events with ticket sales the same day as the event, or only hours before the event starts, Roll Tickets are absolutely perfect.

Consecutively numbered for security, Roll Tickets are labeled with the company name, “Eventgroove,” and can be ordered in multiple colors for different levels of ticketing.

Say, for example, you want your VIPs to stand out. Simply order two different colors of Roll Tickets, and give your VIPs the color that stands for their area. Make sure you let your security team know so they can tell the difference, too.

Roll Tickets come in rolls of 2,000 each, and can be purchased for as little as $4.59 per roll.

With that many tickets for such a low price, you can even up the ante on your event by having an impromptu raffle!

Double Down

Give your guests their very own, easy-to-organize ticket receipt when you use Double Roll Tickets at your event. Whether you’re raffling off door prizes, fundraising for a good cause, or selling Raffle Tickets for a prize draw, double down on your security with double rolls.

Forget about having to remind guests to keep their half of the ticket, because Double Roll Tickets do the work for you.

Labeled with sequential numbering, the “Eventgroove” company name, and “KEEP THIS COUPON,” Double Roll Tickets give you a fast, tear ‘n go, easy way to sell tickets at your event.

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