Effective Event Ticket Design


Event Tickets: The Importance of Professional Event Collateral

When you’re planning an event big or small, creating and printing professional promotional materials and event tickets are an essential part of the preparation process. You want to choose collateral and print event tickets that showcase your organization and your event. One place to start is by shopping for and creating your promotional materials online and customizing them with an event ticket template.

Well designed and promotional materials and event tickets can enhance your event immeasurably. Event Tickets provide essential details for your attendees, such as information about the organization, where and when the event will be held, including activities and entertainment that will occur. Professionally printing event tickets offers a number of advantages. Event tickets help you manage your admission queues and food and beverage lines. They allow you to make sure the right guests get into special events, and they are essential for fundraising raffles. Additionally, the design of your event collateral can help set the tone for your event, ensuring your guests remember it long after it is over.

Event Ticket Design Essentials

Are you planning on printing event tickets for your next big occasion? You’ll want to make sure that they look good, and they include the right information.  There are several elements you should look for when filling out any event ticket templates.

Professional design—Make sure the design you choose fits your purpose. Your event tickets may provide your guests with their first glimpse of what’s to come. If the event is a refined art opening, perhaps something elegant and understated is called for. If it’s a school carnival, you’ll want something colorful and kid friendly.

Space for your custom information—When you print event tickets, they should have enough space for the important details of your event. You’ll want to let guests know some important things in this space: what the event is, when and where it’s being held, who the special guests are, and if it’s a fundraiser, for what cause or purpose you are raising the money for.

Remember to make sure your details are clear and concise while conveying the feel of your event. It’s also important to proofread your text to make sure there aren’t any misspellings and the details are correct. Your attendees will appreciate your attention to detail.

Space for your logos or photosSome event ticket templates include space for your own custom photos and logos. This is a great place to brand the event with your organization’s or sponsors’ seal or to share images of your headlining act.

Secure numbering—When printing event tickets, it’s imperative that they include secure, individual numbering. This allows you to track your ticket sales and better manage your attendees and food and beverage lines. Individual numbering is especially important when you are holding a raffle, as these numbers are used to identify the guests who purchase the winning tickets.

A detachable stub—A detachable or perforated stub allows you to manage admissions to a variety of activities at your event. They’re an important part of any raffle, as you the winners tickets will need to match the stub from the draw. The detachable stub also lets your guests keep part of the ticket as a keepsake, while allowing you to track your ticket sales.

Now You’re Ready to Print Event Tickets

Look for these basic elements listed above when working with event ticket printers to create, customize and print event tickets.  You will find it easier to track ticket sales and guests, and your event will benefit from your well thought out event ticket design.

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