Event Ticket Security Features You Should Know About


Ticket fraud isn’t an issue for only huge outdoor festivals or major sporting events. However, as events ramp back up, the Better Business Bureau warns us to expect an increase in ticket fraud. While there are steps the buyer can take to protect themselves (outlined here), organizers can employ event ticket security features to help.

Why Event Ticket Security Matters for Smaller Events

The same technology that makes it easy to share and reproduce pictures makes it even easier to duplicate event tickets. With a cheap scanner and widely available design software, users can reproduce almost any document almost instantly.

Fortunately, there are some cheap and easy steps that will eliminate most ticket fraud. 

6 Effective Event Ticket Security Features

Security Ticket Stock:

There are a variety of anti-fraud event ticket printing cardstocks. These range in price but are very effective at deterring fraud. For example, when rubbed or heated, the ink on the back of heat-sensitive media changes color. As a result, the tickets are easy to verify authenticity. Another example is UV security media. In the case of this cardstock, invisible ink printed on the back glows when viewed under a black light. Both of these ticket cardstocks are excellent at contributing to fraud prevention.

Numbered Event Tickets:  

Unique, matching numbers printed on the ticket body and stub might seem minor. However, they’re a low-tech, effective way of verifying the legitimacy of each ticket. When you choose Eventgroove for your event ticket printing, this security feature is included!


Holograms are, by their very nature, tamper-evident and cannot be duplicated. It will be obvious if anyone tries to affix to another duplicate ticket! This makes holograms an excellent anti-tampering and fraud feature.


Glossmarks reveal themselves when the ticket is moved or tilted. Consequently, they’re an easy, low-tech way to prevent duplicates or fraud. However, when one looks at the ticket straight on, the gloss marks are clear and barely visible.


Printed on the back of your tickets, a text border in a tiny font creates a pattern challenging to reproduce. If the ticket is scanned and then a reprint is attempted, the ink will wander from one microprint letter to another, which provides evidence of fraud. This event ticket security feature is free with Eventgroove tickets!


Barcodes are super effective and simple at verifying whether the ticket is authentic or duplicated. We include them free of charge on the backs of all tickets printed by Eventgroove. Barcode scanners are inexpensive to pick up, or you can even utilize an app on your phone. The truth is that as long as you are scanning the tickets, people assume that you have special information in that bar code and are unlikely to try a forge them.

The Net-Net

Whether holograms and heat-sensitive paper or simply barcodes and unique numbering, any security feature is better than none. The reason for this is that generally, people are only willing to cheat the system if they won’t get caught. A more sophisticated ticket is harder to reproduce, thus fewer people will take the chance!

Get details on all the event ticket security features offered by Eventgroove here! If you’d like to sell event tickets online and provide a live stream for guests who wish to watch from home, we can help with that too! Visit Eventgroove for more details.

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