Excess Creativity? You Can Always Get What You Want


Design Your Own Event Tickets: DYO Tool for Custom Perfection

You’ve spent years perfecting your unique sound, but what about your unique look? You probably put some thought into the band’s overall appearance when you step out on stage, and most likely you’ve spent plenty of time finalizing the cover of your CD. What about your event tickets, invitations, and other pre-event publicity?

You’ve already got the images and the inspiration, and you don’t need a designer to create your custom tickets. Whatever you’re picturing in your mind, you can create using the DYO Tool. You don’t even need any particular degree of computer savvy or layout experience. The Design Your Own Tool is easy to use, with bright guidelines, a detailed help menu, and a fast proof generator that helps ensure you’re getting precisely what you want.

Why DYO? When you create your own ticket designs online, you can include:

  • Your unique band logo of any dimensions
  • As many photographs as you like
  • Your own specific color palette
  • All the text you can fit
  • Perforated stubs,
  • Sequential numbering
  • Security barcodes
  • Booklet stapling

Got something else in mind? You can add that too. When you design your own tickets for your upcoming performance, you’re basically limited only by the size of the ticket you choose and your own imagination. Whether you’re the bass player for a small punk band just starting out or the marketing director for a symphony orchestra approaching its centennial anniversary, creating collateral that reflects the specific image you want to project helps you brand your group and create a positive buzz around your upcoming event.

Different Shapes, Different Sizes

You don’t have to limit yourself to standard event tickets, either. Monetize your event with matching raffle tickets. Identify angels, special guest, volunteers, or folks who get to go backstage with oversized VIP passes. Streamline bar sales with drink tickets. You can custom design any of these products yourself with the DYO tool. You can even drum up excitement in advance by creating your own self-designed invitations or postcards so you can mail out the information about your gig before you start selling tickets.

Trying to branch out? Boost your merchandizing efforts with DYO coupons, gift cards, and gift certificates to stimulate sales of stickers, T-shirts, CDs, or downloads.

There’s an event ticket for every event. If the ticket for your event hasn’t been designed yet, take the initiative. Go ahead and design your own!

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